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Serrated Knife: What You Need To Know

We all have knives in the kitchen and we want these knives sharp enough that we can chop different ingredients for our recipe for the day without any hassle. Having a dull knife is very frustrating especially to people who cooks a lot. A serrated knife will work best in the kitchen.

A serrated knife has sharp edges that can be used with cutting in several ways. The corner of the knife helps with the actual cutting and the edges or teeth of the knife pierce the surface of whatever is being cut. The serrated knife doesn’t need to be sharpened frequently unlike other straight-edged knives. This kind of knife is usually used in hard surfaces such as bread; other thing is the frozen meat that was put in the freezer, using a serrated knife on this will make it easier for chopping but of course to have to warm it up a little.

Serrated knives are very useful especially in the kitchen. In fact, this kind of knife should always be present in anyone’s kitchen. This particular knife can cut through anything whether hard or soft surface in a fast way. Because of the popularity and the high-demands of these serrate knives it is all over the kitchenware department and the Internet. Some knives used for hunting or search and rescue knives also coming around to use a serrated blade because this can easily be used in cutting hard or rough surfaces.

So get those ingredients out and prepare something special for your dinner. Having a serrated knife will help you work best in your kitchen. It is sometimes irritating when the knife is dull and chopping off ingredients is such a challenge and having it sharpened is such a waste of time. Unlike these serrated knives that can easily chop off everything that needs to be cut and can penetrate hard surfaces. The convenience of a serrated knife will definitely be appreciated in the kitchen or having a serrated blade with your hunting or camping knife will be comfortable and convenient because you can’t afford to have a dull knife at situations like that.

Serrated knives are very affordable and come in different types. There are bread knives with serrated blades and steak knives with serrated blades also. Almost every knife nowadays uses serrated blades because it is easier to use and bring convenience to consumers. Want to get yourself a serrated knife? Go to the nearest shop in your area that offers kitchenware or browse through the Internet, and you will find a serrated knife that will best suit your kitchen needs or other needs that requires the use of knives.

The best serrated knife

We all want the best, and when it comes to knives in your kitchen, there are different types of knives that you should have and having the best lot is very important. One of the very popular types of kitchen knife today is the serrated knife, which is the reason behind the constant search of homeowners to find the best serrated knife.

A dull knife would be useless and the best serrated knife is a requirement inside the kitchen. You surely don’t want to take all the time in the world slicing through that loaf of bread! So, if you’re looking for the best serrated knife today, then there are a lot of brands out there that offer serrated knives that might suit your requirements.

Since you are looking for the best serrated knife, it is better that you check out reputable brands today. These knives may be more expensive but you can guarantee that these knives will be the best for you. However, if you are on a tight budget and you only want to get an affordable serrated knife, you can also find affordable serrated knives today.

So, if you’re looking for the best serrated knife, it’ll be best if you do it online. The World Wide Web holds a wide selection of serrated knives that you can choose from and from there, you get to read reviews from customers who have tried the specific serrated knife you’re eyeing on. This way, you will be able to determine if that knife is the best one for you. Aside from this, you also might want to check out what people are raving about when it comes to serrated knives and why. They are raving about those knives not for nothing and finding out why will let you know the big deal about it. In fact, you might have some brand names in mind already and if it’s your first time to get a serrated knife, you might want to start your search with those brands and from there, work your way until you find the best serrated knife for your kitchen or for your needs.

best serrated knife
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The best serrated knife is not difficult to find! In fact, it’s very easy because most serrated knives today can guarantee you that will give you the best quality and performance that you will need inside your kitchen. Doing your research would be great as well!

All about serrated knives

Serrated knives or toothed blades refer to a knife that has serrated blade or teeth along the border. These knives are used for cutting harder surfaces. In fact, most kitchens today have a serrated knife or a couple of serrated knives in handy. This is because it provides convenience, which is very important around the kitchen.

One of the best features of serrated knives is that they don’t need to be sharpened frequently unlike straight-edged blades. This is a good thing although you would still need a knife sharpener in your home, so when it gets dull, you get to sharpen it immediately. However, don’t expect this to happen very soon.

The teeth of serrated knives are perfect for cutting things that are hard on the outside but soft on the inside. That is why having one in your kitchen is very important. You will definitely need a serrated knife in the kitchen. Aside from this, a serrated knife can cut through more or less anything faster than a straight edge blade.

The popularity of serrated knives is continuously growing because it preserves their cutting edge for a long time without having to sharpen it regularly. There are a lot of brands serrated knives that you can find today, you won’t have a hard time finding one!

If you wish to increase the life of your serrated knives, then you should sharpen them once in a while. Whenever your serrated knife gets dull, make sure that you use a serrated blade sharpened to sharpen your serrated knife.

serrated knives
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At this point, you might think that serrated knives play such a huge advantage compared with straight-edged knives but that doesn’t mean that you should not have a single straight-edged knife in your kitchen. It is always best to at least have different type of knives in your kitchen especially if you enjoy cooking. You will find that having a selection of blades or knives to choose from would be very convenient and will provide you with the comfort and convenience that you need.

So, if you’re looking for serrated knives, it’s time that you go shopping! You might even find great deals if you shop online and there is an even wider selection through the World Wide Web. A serrated knife is one of the best choices that you can make in terms of looking for a kitchen knife or whatever kind of knife you need whether for outdoor activities like camping and hiking or just for kitchen use, a serrated knife will not fail you.

Shun Ken Onion Serrated Knife Set

The Shun Ken onion serrated knife set is sure to wow chefs and those who simply enjoy cooking in the kitchen. These are the features of this serrated knife set:

  • It is made with SG-2 powdered steel that’s hardened to 54 Rockwell. This results to a very sharp and smooth edge.
  • True Damascus nickel alloy/stainless with Clad combination.
  • Nickel makes the knives durable.
  • Being stainless means more resistance to corrosion.
  • The blade consists of three kinds of metal which gives it strength, sharpness and sturdiness.
  • Designed to maximize the blade’s glide across the cutting board.
  • Has a double dealing handle design and a stability bump on the lower portion of the handle that provides comfort and confidence while chopping or cutting.
  • The inner curve of the bolster forms perfect thumb and index finger rests
  • The widened bolster releases tension in the arms
  • Center point: zero balanced
  • The handle is curved downward to closely match the palm.
  • Has elevated handles in order to allow full contact between the knife and the cutting surface.

Shun Ken onion serrated knife. Click on the image for more details. The Shun Ken onion serrated knife set will be the perfect knife set in the kitchen. It provides a more convenient way of slicing, cutting, and chopping. Cutting through meat will be much simpler because as the serrated knife slices through it, your hand movements are being followed as well. Other knives usually require multiple back and forth slice movements before the surface of the meat actually gets sliced.

The Shun Ken onion serrated knife set is perfect for chefs and aspirants who diligently study the art of cooking. The serrated knives will greatly help in their cooking duties, especially in busy restaurants where food needs to be served right away. In the case of aspiring chefs, these knives will be ideal for training in time pressured cooking scenarios.

Equip your kitchen with this serrated knife set and you’ll surely never have to be frustrated and be worried about dull knives that have a tough time cutting through hard areas. Chefs and aspiring chefs out there will absolutely love these serrated knives. They will make preparation of dishes less demanding and much quicker. These knives never fail. The Shun Ken onion serrated knife is certainly affordable and has good quality.

The Shun Ken onion serrated knife is available on Amazon for just $139.95 through this link right here.

Tips and Tricks for Serrated Knife Sharpening

Serrated knife sharpening can be easy, as long as you have the right tools or kit to sharpen your serrated knife. Serrated knives are sharpened differently from flat or straight blades, so you will need a particular serrated knife sharpener which is not difficult to find.

When it comes to serrated knife sharpening you will need to know some tips in order to sharpen the serrated knife the right way and for it to be able to take its full effect. You will need a tapered or cone-shaped for the blade’s serrations. Gently push the sharpener towards the edge you wish to sharpen and you should sharpen each serration separately. It is possible that with this you can widen the serrations, so be careful and use light motion.

Serrated knife sharpening doesn’t mean that you can be able to return the serrations from its pristine new state. When sharpening, it is also best to hold the rod sharpener still, your thumb at the back of the knife then slide your knife up and down against the sharpener. This way it will be faster.

The problem with serrations is that it is difficult to bring back the original edge to the serrations in the blade. It is said that these serrated knives are easily worn down than straight blades. However, the use of serrated knife sharpening will prevent the serrated knife from getting dull although it doesn’t get dull too often unlike other normal blades that gets dull often and needs to be sharpened more often.

The unique construction of the serrated knife can cause difficulty when it comes to sharpening it, so it is best that you only sharpen it when you see a dull edge and serrated knife sharpening should not be frequent because it does not get dull easily. That is why every kitchen has this type of knife because of its convenience and has the ability to penetrate hard surfaces.

Remember that serrated knife sharpening is very different from straight blade sharpening. Both also use different sharpeners. There are a lot of sharpening devices in the market today, so go on and buy your serrated knife a sharpener, so when an edge gets a little dull you will have a sharpener ready. Just make sure that you know how to sharpen serrated knives or you should probably ask an expert on how to sharpen serrated knives for fewer mistakes and less unwanted incidents that can occur if you don’t know how to sharpen serrated knives properly.

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The Best Serrated Knife Sharpener

A serrated knife sharpener will help you sharpen your serrated knives at home. Serrated knives have a different sharpener unlike other normal knives. Sharpening a serrated knife is very different compared to normal knives.

When using a serrated knife sharpener, each serration in the blade should be sharpened individually. Since a serrated knife is like a saw, it can still cut even when it’s dull. There are a lot of serrated knife sharpeners in the market today. Serrated knives are preferred by many because of its sharpness and it can cut through hard surfaces which normal knives can’t do. When you have serrated knives in your kitchen, you should of course have a serrated knife sharpener. Though serrated knives don’t need frequent sharpening, it’s still best to have it ready in your own kitchen.

So you have a serrated knife sharpener and it’s time to sharpen those serrated knives, how will you do it?

  • The diameter in the cone of the serrated knife sharpener should be matched to the size of the serration in the knife.
  • Do a short and light, back and forth strokes to sharpen the oblique edge or each serration. The sharpener should be perpendicular to the oblique edge. When the strokes are done, feel for a burr in the backside of the knife. Once this is felt, move on the next serration.
  • When all the serrations are done it is time to flip the knife over and grind the burr off with a smooth flat stroke. Do these very lightly.

That is how easy to sharpen serrated knives especially if you have a good serrated knife sharpener. Be careful when handling the knife and the sharpener because you might hurt yourself. You don’t have to do this more frequently because serrated knives don’t get dull easily unlike other knives.

The serrated knife sharpener is also pointed so it is best to have this hidden in drawers where children can’t reach and find it. This is very dangerous and should be well-kept. When sharpening your serrated knives, it is best that there is no possibility for you to get distracted because if you sharpened a serrated knife somewhere with children, this can lead to injury not only to you but for the children as well.

Serrated knife sharpeners are very affordable and are widely-sold in the kitchenware department today. Maybe you could check your local warehouse of Supermarket and get yourself a serrated knife sharpener for your serrated knives.

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Picking A Good Offset Serrated Knife

An offset serrated knife uses an offset handle to ensure that the person’s knuckles will not touch the surface while performing chops or slices. It comes in different lengths. The most preferred length is 7″, not too long and not too short.

An offset serrated knife is usually used for slicing bread. Bread has a tricky surface. When penetrated by a normal knife, the outcome is usually messy. Making use of an offset serrated knife will make it smoother to slice the bread, especially baguettes. Baguettes are rough and quite hard to slice. Moreover, the serrated knife is ideal for chopping vegetables and slicing meat because it doesn’t require too much effort. Slicing tomatoes or other round vegetables for instance, will allow the knife to bend and follow the shape of the object. As a result, you won’t have to worry anymore about the knife slipping off. image of an offset serrated knife

Offset serrated knives are very popular among chefs. They also have positive reviews from various customers. Many say that the knives are easy to use. The serrated blade of the knives makes it effortless to penetrate hard surfaces, unlike knives with a flat blade that become dull quickly.

Who doesn’t love bread? Everyone does! The only problem is that when slicing it, the effort it takes is excessive without the use of an offset serrated knife. When you have guests for example, you don’t want the bread to look like it’s been sliced by the claws of a cat. Ideally, you don’t want those bread crumbs to scatter and that you should be able to cut the bread neatly and easily.

Chefs favor this kind of knife because they are usually busy working in the kitchen. There are customers waiting for their orders, so chefs don’t always have the luxury of time. With the use of offset serrated knives, doing chops is made faster and easier. In turn, more customers can be accommodated. It is highly recommended that every chef’s kitchen be equipped with offset serrated knives.

The best offset serrated knife is available on Amazon. The one in the picture above can be had for just $27.97 through this link right here.

Finding the Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Electric knife sharpeners are very convenient to have in your kitchen; it will give your knives the sharpest edge.

Electric knife sharpeners have features like multistage sharpening, diamond abrasives and precision guides. The first stage of the electric knife sharpener shaves off the metal more. The other stages will then realign and sharpen the edge of your knife completely. These stages will help you determine the stage wherein you can sharpen your knife, whether its serrated or bevelled, these electric knife sharpeners comes in manuals to give information to the user what kind of knife should undergo a certain stage and what it should not undergo.

Pro EverSharp. The BestSeller from Amazon available for just $29.97

It is also advisable not to press hard on the blade because this will lose uprightness of the edge you are creating. These electric knife sharpeners also need to be empties of metal shavings. It is also best to use a clean knife when sharpening to prevent build-up on the surfaces.

Check out the latest models on Amazon by clicking on the link.

Electric knife sharpeners are very convenient because you don’t have to use the knife sharpener that can give you wounds. Different brands now hold electric knife sharpeners in their collection and it is still affordable that almost everyone can avail of the electric sharpener. It is also preferred by most people because of its convenience it offers to users.

Here are some instructions on how to use an electric knife sharpener:

  • Know which side of the sharpener is front and which is the back. If you ran the blade into the wrong side, it will most likely damage the blade of your knife.
  • Know what the slots in your sharpener do.
  • The machine should be put in a sturdy counter with enough room to put the knife through the sharpener.

How do you sharpen a knife with the use of an electric knife sharpener?

  1. The blade should be inserted in the first slot to sharpen the blade. Pull the blade towards you.
  2. Draw the blade through the electric knife sharpener and pull it steadily towards you.
  3. Lift the handle toward the tip of the blade so the curve will be sharpened.
  4. Sharpen the blade evenly. Right after sharpening the right edge of the blade, do the left side.
  5. Draw the blade though the remaining stages using the same technique you did on the first stage.
  6. Be careful when using an electric knife sharpener and make sure that there are no people or children playing around.

How To Sharpen A Serrated Knife

Just like any other knives, a serrated knife will get dull too. Serrated knives require a different sharpener. There are a lot of serrated knife sharpeners that can easily be bought in the market today. So, how to sharpen a serrated knife?

Great Electric Knife Sharpener Available on Amazon. Click on the pic for details.

Here is a step by step guide on how to sharpen a serrated knife:

  1. What you will need: a serrated knife sharpener, water or lubricant.
  2. The hone should be perpendicular to the cutting edge of the knife. Do a back and forth motion in each serration and exert a firm pressure while doing this.
  3. Once you’re done sharpening a serration, stop and feel the backside of the knife. If you feel a burr, you can now move on to the next serration.
  4. Do steps 2 and 3 over and over again until you have completed the serrations in the knife.
  5. Once done sharpening the serrations, turn the knife over.
  6. The burrs of the knife should be grinded in the hone.

How to sharpen serrated knives is pretty easy, but remember that you should sharpen each serration individually. However, you should also be careful when sharpening these serrated knives, since you will be using both hands it is best that you are in a location where you cannot be distracted and there are no children around. This is to avoid injuries or any other incidents that can occur during the serrated knife sharpening.

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Never touch the blade when you are sharpening because you just might press on it too hard and a wound will most likely to occur. Serrated knives and the serrated knife sharpener should be well-kept and should be in a place where children will find it impossible to reach. Serrated knife sharpeners are pointy, so don’t leave it lying down anywhere especially if you have children at home.

How to sharpen a serrated knife is, as I’ve said, pretty easy but if you don’t want to do it yourself, you might want to check your local supermarkets because you can get an expert assistance when it comes to sharpening your serrated knife. These experts visit different stores several times a year. So you might want to keep track of that or take notes of the expert’s visit to your local store. Serrated knives are preferred by most people because it is very convenient to use and doesn’t get dull too often, unlike other knives that gets dull easily.

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Wusthof serrated knife review

Another serrated knife that is very popular in the market is the Wusthof serrated knife. Serrated knives are very useful especially to chefs and also to other people who loves to cook in their own homes.

The Wusthof Classic. Available on Amazon for just $69.95 by clicking on the pic.

The good thing about the Wusthof serrated knife is that it can cut thru thick surfaces such as fruit skins and you needn’t have to exert too much effort and to use too much arm pressure. It is made from high carbon-stainless steel blade and it is hand-honed for razor-like sharpness. The handle is traditional and triple-riveted for strength and permanence.

There are a lot of brands of serrated knives out there, and Wusthof serrated knife is one of those. Wusthof is made from Germany. Wusthof serrated knife is precision forged. It is also used by known chefs these days. There really is no wonder because their serrated knives are earning good reviews and good feedbacks from different people especially aspiring chefs.

Wusthof serrated knives can easily cut thru hard surfaces such as sausages or breads. The serrated knife from Wusthof also has double bolsters to provide heft and balance for effortless cutting. Also has a full tang that extends through handles for perfect balance and handling. These features made the serrated knife have 5 star ratings over the Internet and the company Wusthof has been in the kitchen industry for quite a long time and they are a very reputable company competing with other different known kitchen brands today. It is a tough market out there because there are a lot of kitchen wares in the market; however, Wusthof is not going down because more and more people prefer their brand.

There is also a specific Wusthof sharpener for the Wusthof serrated knife, also available thru the Internet or in your local stores that provides kitchenware. Check out Wusthof serrated knife in the Internet, that way you can easily gather more information about the certain knife and you will know if it’s worth the buy. You could also read feedbacks and reviews from people who were able to purchase the product and is now using it. Go ahead; indulge yourself with beautiful knives for a more convenient time in the kitchen. For chefs out there, this Wusthof serrated knife will make your chopping and cutting easier and you will be able to serve that customer in just a matter of minutes. Wusthof serrate knife will definitely be worth it.

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