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Where do I find the best parachute cord?

A parachute cord is used before in the suspension lines of the US parachutes during World War II. It is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope. The parachute cord nowadays is used by those who are in the military and even civilians. The parachute cord was even used by Astronauts when they repaired the Hubble Space Telescope.

A parachute cord is a braided sheath that has interwoven strands for its size. The interwoven strands give it more a smooth texture. It is elastic because of the all-nylon construction. The parachute cord has become a commercial commodity. Rock climbers and mountaineers are warned against the use of a parachute cord because the 550 pound can be misleading. The use of the parachute cord is usually for airborne purposes and for military uses.

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The parachute cord is very useful and helpful. It is lightweight and a strong cord. This can be put in a variety of uses. This can be purchased on Army surplus stores. Use an authentic parachute cord because it is definitely stronger than those knock-offs.

Here are some uses for the parachute cord:

  • The inner fibres can be used to floss your teeth, this is a survival tip especially if you’re trapped somewhere and you need to clean your teeth, a parachute cord can help you with that.
  • You can make a bow string with it.
  • You can use the inner strings to attach arrow heads to arrows
  • It can also be used as a fishing line with the use of the inner cord
  • The inner fibres of the parachute cord can make a snare for smaller animals and birds
  • The inner fibres of the parachute cord can also be used as a net to catch fish
  • If your shoe string breaks, you can easily replace it with the use of your parachute cord
  • You can even use this as a shelter, just tie both ends of the parachute code to opposite trees and maybe put a blanket in the middle and you’re all set and you have your own shelter.

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Parachute cord is for airborne purposes but is now often used for survival. The small fibres in the parachute cord can be extracted and be used in many things and the outer shell can be used without the inner fibres for tasks that require less strength. There are also survival bracelets that are made of a paracord, the same thing that is used in a parachute cord. This is shorter but weighs the same and this is often used for people who enjoys the outdoors and want to be prepared. Parachute cord is very brilliant and it can help with surviving and emergency purposes as well, that’s how useful it is.