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Making Your Own RCA Cable

Did you know that you can easily make your own RCA cable? Yes indeed! Instead of buying one, why don’t you just make your own? What is this cable? It is a wire that comes with a male RCA connector on both ends, and they are usually pre-made. This wire is usually found in car stereo systems. The cable is used to connect audio components such as amplifiers to preamp outputs of a car receiver. If you’re looking for good quality RCA cables, then you will find that they can get expensive, especially if you prefer the ones with longer lengths.

Why don’t you save some money by making your own? Here’s how:

To make an RCA cable, you will need the following:

  • 14 gauge 2-conductor insulated wire
  • Male RCA connectors
  • Wire cutters
  • Soldering Iron


Step by step guide:

  • Cut the wire to your desired length with the use of the wire cutter. You should estimate the distance between the devices that you will be connecting in order to cut the cable according to your needs.
  • Strip the insulation off of both ends of the wire to expose two leads and the insulation of each lead so there is an exposed ½ of bare wire.
  • Select an end of the wire and slide the shell of the RCA connector over the wire and insert the positive lead of the speaker wire into the center post of the conductor. Solder it in place and hold the negative lead against the back post of the RCA connector and solder it once again.
  • When the solder has cooled, slide the shell over the connector and tightly screw it.


Now, that’s very easy, and you can do it on your own!


By knowing how to make an RCA cable, you can save more money instead of spending on RCA cables that can get pretty expensive. Aside from this, making your own will be entertaining, interesting and a great learning experience as well. You can even do plenty of this and give some to your friends who need it.


For those who are looking for an RCA cable and don’t have the time to make one of their own, there are a lot of sellers out there that will provide you with this cable. You can also check out electronics stores.

All About the HDMI to RCA Splitter

A lot of people ask if they can use an HDMI to RCA splitter to connect an RCA device to an HDMI device. Aside from cables and adapters, the best thing to use would be a splitter to prevent signal loss. What can this splitter do?


An HDMI to RCA splitter will reduce the electrical signal over the distance of the electric current. It will break up the signal into separate electrical paths and divide the electric signal to various ports on the splitter. This simply means that in this case, an RCA device can work on an HDMI device or vice versa. It can also run on multiple devices at home with the use of a splitter. For example, an RCA device is located in your living room while two HDMI devices are located in two different rooms, with the use of a splitter, the source and the receiver can all work together.


You may also want to consider getting a larger HDMI to RCA splitter. However, this will decrease the strength of the signal. There are some people who need a larger one, and in order for it to work properly, the cable signal must be equally distributed to all the RCA or HDMI devices at home. There are numbers that can be found on the outer legs of a splitter. Make sure to read this. Each number indicates the amount of cable signal that is lost when it runs through the outer leg. It represents decibels that measure amplification of a signal.


How do you setup your HDMI to RCA splitter? This is pretty easy. Most of the RCA to HDMI splitters come with instructions that you can easily follow. Always keep in mind that when inputting the RCA cables into the splitter, it goes by color.


If you’re looking for an HDMI to RCA splitter, then you can definitely find one at your local electronics store. You can also find one through the Internet. There are a lot of online sellers of this particular splitter. However, it is advised that you only purchase from reputable websites or reputable online sellers to guarantee that you’re getting the best quality that you can use on your RCA and HDMI devices. Now there’s a way for you to make an RCA and HDMI device work, and that is with the use of this splitter.

The High Definition TV Craze

Most family rooms, entertainment rooms or living rooms have a flat screen TV gracing the particular room. What is it with high definition TV that makes consumers desire for it? Also, it is necessary?


Most homes all over the world posses a high definition TV. The need for it is to satisfy oneself. Who wouldn’t want to watch on a high definition TV with awesome images, clear audio and video? Also, its very stylish and sleek design that possesses such a strong personality that having one in your home will set a good vibe in a snap. Now, walking inside homes with old TVs make you feel like you’re transported in an era where technology hasn’t made a one huge bang in the world.


However, before you get yourself a high definition TV, it is very important that you first understand what is it about. The first thing you need you understand is the definition of digital cable. As you can see, the signals that are transmitted over the satellite or cable are all digital and keep in mind that there are three types to it, which are the following: Standard, Enhanced and High Definition. What separate these three are their resolutions. Yes, high definition has the best resolution compared to the two.


You should also understand that not all cable programs come in high definition. This simply means that you high definition TV will not be able to give you the resolution that you want when it comes to a specific program that you are watching. You should also know that there are a lot of non-HD programs that HD channels run. So, when you’re about to watch a program, ensure that the program is in HD but if not, you can still watch it yet you can’t get the best from it.


With the high definition TV craze today, more and more cable programs are working on turning their signal into high definition because of the growing number of consumers who are switching to high definition. Also, the beauty of high definition cannot go unnoticed or unseen because it is really the best television technology today. Today, you will find a lot of high definition televisions being sold in all TV stores. Yes, it’s all high definition now! It’s time that you make the big switch and enjoy watching your favorite TV programs or movies. Don’t worry, because they are now getting even more affordable!

Learning more about Wireless HDMI

Today, there is a wireless HDMI but how would you know if you could get one for yourself? First of all, HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, which is a method that transmits uncompressed digital date. This interface is integrated on new devices today such as televisions, DVD players and other devices. Basically, in order to connect an HDMI to a television or other components, there is a need for a cable.


There are now a lot of companies devising ways to bring wireless HDMI to life. Since 2007, there are already a lot of companies developing wireless HDMI, one of them is Philips. Philips first unveiled this particular system in 2007 and other companies followed such as Sony, Belkin and many more.


What are the benefits of a wireless HDMI?


  • It will allow home-theater components to be in a different room from the scene. First example, your DVD player may be in the living room and your huge HD TV is in the family room. You can use both devices without the need to configure certain cables through a wireless HDMI.
  • It does not interfere with WiFi systems.
  • It is very convenient and comfortable.


However, there are also certain issues revolving a wireless HDMI. One main issue would be the signal range. Since there are a lot of companies out there who have this kind of system, the signal range depends on the manufacturer and usually, the maximum signal range is up to 100 feet. Also, there is also a system that will only work on devices that are under the same company or brand, such as Sony. Aside from this, there are also occasional slow downs that this system goes through. Last but not the least, acquiring this kind of system will cost you some hefty cash.


Now, you’ve seen the good side and the bad side of a wireless HDMI, which is a good thing. If you weigh the pros and cons, it clearly shows that it is still a great idea as the pros are very agreeable. Sure, it has its downsides but every product or system in the market has that as well. The convenience that this will bring is surely worth the price and the cons can easily be compromised. So, to put everything in a nutshell, yes! This system is one of the best HDMI systems today and everyone should consider it.

Using an RCA to HDMI adapter

Do you need to convert an RCA signal to HDMI or vice versa? This is possible as long as you have an RCA to HDMI adapter with you. Before anything else, what is HDMI? This is a high definition connection that allows users to send HD audio and video signals to and from HD devices. Connecting an HD device to a non-HD device also means that you have to downgrade the HDMI cables to a connection format such as an RCA connection.


So, how you convert an HDMI signal to RCA or vice versa? These are the simple steps to do so with the use of an RCA to HDMI adapter:


  • Gather the end of the HDMI and plug it into one of HDMI ports found at the back or side of your HD device. The HDMI end of the RCA to HDMI adapter has a rectangular connector while the other end has three circular connectors.
  • Gather the end of the RCA into the video port on the RCA device you want to connect your HD device with. Always ensure that every colored cable is connected into the same colored port.
  • Turn on both devices that you have connected with the use of the RCA to HDMI adapter.
  • To get the signal from the RCA cables, you must adjust the RCA device by simply pressing the “Video Input” button on the remote control.



Now, that’s very easy! Everyone can do it and if you are not really into technical stuff yet you are faced with this kind of dilemma, you can just follow these simple steps and give yourself a pat at the back after!


When it comes to RCA to HDMI adapter, keep in mind that not all devices can work with it. That is why it is very important that before you get an adapter; make sure that the devices that you will be using it with are compatible. To guarantee that you’re getting the right kind of adapter, the best idea would be to purchase an adapter from you purchased the HDMI device. You can also check out some electronics stores that sell this kind of adapter. It is very important that you get the details of both devices when buying so you can ask the sales person if it will work on the particular adapter or they can help you find an adapter that will suit both devices best.

Using an HDMI splitter

Do you have an HD TV? If you do, then you might have noticed that it only has one HDMI input. That is why you need an HDMI splitter so you can see what is playing on the other source such as on your DVD player or if you have multiple divisions at home. This will allow you to plug in two devices with just the use of one HDMI input. Through this, you don’t have to undergo the hassle of unplugging cables.


For people who are new to this, how you use an HDMI splitter? Here are the simple steps to help you:


  • Before you connect your HDMI splitter, make sure that both devices that you wish to connect are turned off.
  • Plug the HDMI splitter to the HDMI port found at the back or side of your TV. By plugging it in, it is now considered to be the destination device.
  • It’s time that you plug in any HDMI devices into an HDMI port on the HDMI splitter. This will be the source device. Keep in mind that you can only plug in two sources into an HDMI splitter.
  • Turn your TV on and turn on the source device. Scroll through your TV inputs until you find the HDMI input that corresponds with where you connected the splitter.
  • There is a button on the splitter box or on the remote control that will allow you to switch between the sources connected to the HDMI splitter, press that button.
  • Turn of the device when you plug the HDMI splitter, this would be the source device.
  • Plug the splitter into an available HDMI input on the device you wish to use as the source device.
  • Plug one HDMI cable to an input on the splitter for each destination device. Plug the cables into an available HDMI input on both devices you would like to display the audio and video feed from the source on.
  • Turn your source device and destination device.
  • Scroll through the inputs on the destination device until you find the input that corresponds where you plugged the cable.


There you have it, it’s pretty easy to follow!


If you’re looking for an HDMI splitter, there is plenty of this that you will find online. You also might want to check at your local electronics store fro more guarantee that you’re getting a good splitter that will work both on the devices you wish to be connected.

Connecting HDMI and RCA device with the use of an HDMI to RCA cable

Looking for an HDMI to RCA cable to connect an HDMI device to your RCA device or vice versa? Fortunately, there are plenty of these cables that are being sold today. HDMI technology is gaining so much popularity nowadays but a lot of people cannot simply afford to replace their old devices for a new one. Now, if you have gotten yourself an HDMI device yet you’re still using some RCA devices or devices with analog outputs, then you shouldn’t worry because you can connect both devices with the use of a simple cable.


An HDMI to RCA cable will allow you to play or view your HDMI files to another device that utilizes analog outputs. Also, it will allow you to transfer files that you need. However, if you transfer an HDMI file to your RCA device, it won’t be in HD technology unless you’re transferring from RCA to HDMI. So, how do you connect it?


Here are the steps to connect both devices with the use of an HDMI to RCA cable:


  • Gather the end of the HDMI of the cable and connect it to the HDMI input device.
  • Gather the red RCA plug to the red slot on your RCA device.
  • You will find another yellow RCA plug and connect this to the yellow slot on your RCA device, same with the white RCA plug to the white slot.


…And you’re done! That’s how easy it is!


Now, if you’re looking for an HDMI to RCA cable, you will find that there is a lot of this kind of cable online. You can also find it in your electronics store. However, most people find it difficult to get a hold of this cable because not all electronics stores have this in stock, that’s why they rely on the Internet. One thing that a person who will buy something from the Internet is that to remain cautious and only purchase from a reputable website or seller. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to pay a lot of money for this cable, as it is very affordable. There are also a big chance that if you purchase an HDMI device today, it is very likely that it will come with an HDMI to RCA cable but not all devices have this. It will be better that when you’re buying an HDMI device, you must ask first if it comes with this cable and if not, buy it from them for an easier way.


In the world of HD technology, a lot of people are basking in the beauty of this technology. However, not everyone can simply afford to throw away their gadgets in exchange for this technology. That is why there is a need for an HDMI to RCA connectors or cables to make both work. Most people still have some devices that utilizes analog outputs and how can they connect their HDMI devices to an RCA device?

HDMI to RCA cables are the most popular among the other connectors today. First of all, an HDMI can transmit sound and video digitally that doesn’t need conversion to video or audio. Most of the time, these cables are often used to connect DVD players. Getting yourself an HDMI cable would be the best choice to minimize wire configurations and to save yourself from all the hassle when it comes to wires and configuration.

It’s a good thing that there are a lot of HDMI to RCA cables/adapters/connectors in the market today as most people have this kind of dilemma. These cables will allow the user to transfer or view files from their HDMI devices to their old devices that have analog outputs such as old laptops or TVs. This way, one is not pressured to replace all the devices at home with HDMI technology because it is possible to make both of them work.

A quick search online will lead you to hundreds of search results regarding HDMI to RCA connectors. There are a lot of websites that sells this kind of connector and there are also individual sellers that you can encounter through social networking sites. However, it is strongly advised that when you are about to buy a simple cable like this, it is better that you purchase from a store near you to check if it works properly with both of your devices. If you have recently bought a new device, it is very possible that it already comes with an HDMI cable that will allow you to connect it to analog outputs.

If you wish to know more about HDMI to RCA, you can check out online forums or even ask the technical guy at the electronics store where you usually buy some of your accessories. There are not too many information over the Internet about this and most of the information you will find would be online sellers selling connectors for these two different outputs.

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Picking A Good HDMI to RCA Cable

HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is used for transmitting uncompressed digital data. Also known as an alternative to radio frequency, coaxial cable and VGA, it can carry a bandwidth of 5 Gbps. On the other hand, an RCA cable is a cable with a three colored jack and usually comes in white, yellow and red. White is for audio, red for video and yellow for composite video. An RCA cable can be connected to a variety of audio and video devices.

hdmi to rca cable
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Can you connect HDMI to an RCA cable? Yes. Since home theatres have been very well-developed, the use of RCA cable has become obsolete, but there are still some people who use RCA cables for their HDMI.

  1. An HDMI is in digital format. You will need a converter box that can upgrade separate RCA signals into a combined digital signal. You may also downgrade from HDMI to RCA, but this task will be a bit difficult. You have to check with your local hardware or electronics store as to who can supply the needs when downgrading to an RCA.
  2. Once you have figured out everything and decided whether to upgrade or downgrade your HDMI, it is time for you to connect the cables.
  3. Plug in the RCA cable (red, white, yellow) into your converter’s box. Be sure that you plug the converter in the wall. Then plug in the HDMI cable to the converter box, particularly in the video input and the other end in the video input of your television.
  4. Turn on the converter and test the connections you made. Go to the television channel that the converter requires, or press the input function to see if the changes made are working properly.

Tips about getting a good HDMI to RCA cable

It is very easy to connect an HDMI to an RCA cable but you will need the necessary items for it to work properly. It is also possible that your home theatre will downgrade to RCA, check the manual first before doing the connections.

Some HDMI are compatible with an RCA, but some home theater systems cannot be connected to an RCA cable. It is still best that before buying a home theater system, and you plan on using RCA cables in order to be able to use old monitors, you should first ask if the particular home theatre is compatible with an RCA cable.

Everything you need to know about an RCA to HDMI cable

Are you looking for an RCA to HDMI cable? Well, you will definitely find loads if you look online but before you purchase and before you get your hopes up; an RCA is used for analog signals while an HDMI is used for a digital system. Since you are looking for one, you might need to connect an RCA device to an HDMI device and you think the solution is this particular cable. However, once you get your hands on it and you connected both, it might be missing an output while it can be done successfully.

If it is missing an output, then your RCA to HDMI cable will be useless because you will need to get yourself a converter. Remember, there are some connectors that only carry Composite Video + Audio while there are some that carries RGB while others only carries Component Video. These are all not compatible with each other and they are definitely not compatible with the digital HDMI system.

You see, a simple RCA cable plugged at one end and an HDMI plugged at the other end cannot possibly work. A digital analogue box is really needed here and you have to make sure which direction you want the conversion to go. To cut this whole explanation short, an RCA to HDMI cable cannot really work without any converters.

That is also the reason why a lot of experts encourage people who looks for an RCA to HDMI cable to just but a new HDMI device because it’s cheaper and there won’t be any hassles anymore when it comes to connecting the devices. However, not all can afford it while others only need to transfer some files for a short period of time. They won’t be disappointed but their wallets will definitely be disappointed once they are about to purchase a converter, which costs more than a new HDMI DVD player and to think it will only be used once.

Aside from this, the ‘hassle’ begins when you are in the search for an RCA to HDMI cable. Sure, there are plenty of these cables online but how do you know if that cable will work and how sure are you that the seller is reliable? Even if you purchase from a reliable seller, it’ll still be a hassle since there is a big chance that you will need to purchase a converter that will cost you more or less $50. SO, should you really take the time in finding an RCA to HDMI cable or just get yourself a new device?