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Mosquito Eater Information

Mosquito Eater Or Mosquito Trap

A mosquito eater is another name for a mosquito trap. This is a product that can lure and trap mosquitoes and at the same time, eliminate them. It is called as such because it “eats” mosquitoes and hence, reduces their population. There are numerous products that use the term in their advertising and marketing campaigns.

There is a variety that uses methanol, methyl alcohol or liquid fondue fuel in order to create clean carbon dioxide heat and water vapor. Such fuel can be found in most paint and hardware stores. It also claims that the propane versions of mosquito traps are dangerous due to the use of pressurized gas lines and valves. Like other propane mosquito traps, a mosquito trap has been tested and proven to trap and kill mosquitoes, and it does not need an external power source or batteries in order to operate.

There is also a system that’s based on three attractants: carbon dioxide, octenal and heat. Such mosquito traps use these attractants to simulate a human being and draw mosquitoes to the trap, where they can be eliminated. It uses an internal microprocessor to control the levels of each attractant and maintain it at optimal levels for catching mosquitoes no matter what the temperature is. A mosquito trap like this can automatically turn the unit on at sunset and turn it off after 5 hours to make sure that the unit is always operating during peak mosquito hours.

Other Definitions Of Mosquito Eater

Crane flies are called mosquito eaters because some people find crane flies look like overgrown mosquitoes. Sometimes when the term is discussed, people think that it pertains to animals that eat mosquitoes. Well, there are really animals that eat insects, but they are not labeled as such.

A mosquito eater is a trap which is being sold in the market these days. If you are having mosquito problems in your home and you surely want to get rid of it, then you can check out these kinds of products online or in stores near you.

Mosquito eater

Mosquito Killer

Are you looking for a mosquito killer to be rid of those mosquitoes that can be very deadly? There are many mosquito killers in the market that you can find. Mosquito traps such as electronic traps, magnets, dunks and sprays are some of the forms that you can buy.

What is a mosquito killer?

It can eliminate mosquitoes and even the whole population within two months. It comes with attractants such as carbon dioxide, heat and others in order to lure the mosquitoes and once they are lured, they will then be killed with the use of a mosquito killer.

It is best to be placed outdoors or in the yard. These are the common places where mosquitoes live. There are also some mosquito products that can automatically turn on during the peak hours when mosquitoes are active and it can automatically turn off as well after a couple of hours.

Mosquito killer and its other forms

There are also indoor mosquito killers that you can put inside your home. There is a photocatalyst mosquito trap which is a type of indoor mosquito trap that is cost-efficient and environment friendly. This can effectively trap and kill mosquitoes and other harmful insects without emitting an offending odor. Its effectiveness can be attributed by taking advantage of these insects attractness such as carbon dioxide, phototaxis and sensitivity to temperature. It can release carbon dioxide through the photocatalytic reaction.

Aside from this, the misting system is also known. The misting system has been around for many years already. It is designed to kill flies in barns and protect expensive horses. This misting system is one of the most effective ways to kill mosquitoes. You can purchase mister components on-line and diy or you can have a mosquito system company install it for you. It comes with a 55 gallon drum to hold the mixture. You will need to refill the drum every 2-4 months depending on the amount of misting nozzles and how much and how often your program the system to mist. Programming it is extremely easy like a sprinkler system.

A mosquito killer will really end your mosquito problems. However, you also need mosquito prevention such as creams and others.

Mosquito killer

Mosquito Trap

A mosquito trap is one of the best ways to keep your yard clear of biting mosquitoes. If it’s set-up properly, just a couple of these devices can elminate thousands of mosquitoes and wipe out a local population. The style varies by brand but usually they range from indoor units the size of air purifiers to large units that is similar with barbecue grills. There are others the run on electricity while there are others that are powered by propane tanks.

How does a mosquito trap work?

Place the trap in the yard between the source of mosquitoes and where people usually gather. It is always better to place the trap unwind of the mosquitoes in a shaded spot. This is because mosquitoes find their prey by detecting carbon dioxide, octenol and other chemical odors just like light and heat, most mosquito traps use a combination of articificial smells and lighting displays to lure mosquitoes.

There are some brands that burn propane both to power the trap and to release carbon dioxide while there are others that rely on octenol and a lighting array of oscillating frequencies that are proven to atttract mosquitoes.

Once these mosquitoes get close, fans capture and force them into catch basins or bags or onto sticky boards to die. There are different mosquito species that responds in different ways to the attractants. Before getting one, homeowners should experiments first to find the right combination of stimuli. Also, you must know that a mosquito trap can run continuously while there are some brands that can be set to turn on during peak mosquito hours. It will usually take two months to kills enough mosquitoes to make the population collapse.

How effective is the mosquito trap?

When it comes to the effectiveness, this varies from brand to brand and location to location. The good news is that most mosquito straps are very easy to use which is one big advantage. Consumers don’t want complicated ways to install and to make it work.

There are many brands of mosquito traps that you can find in the market today. So, if you are having problems with mosquitoes in your home and in your yard, it is time that you set up a mosquito trap and get these mosquitoes away before it bites someone.

Mosquito trap

Mosquito Net

All about a mosquito net

A mosquito net offers protection against mosquitoes and other insects. We all know that these mosquitoes are carrier of deadly diseases and people should prevent getting bit by these small yet terrible creatures.

A mosquito net is a fine, see-through, mesh construction which can prevent insects from biting and disturbing the person under or using the net. The mesh is fine enough to exclude these insects yet it does not complete impede the air flow. Mosquito nets have been here for many years and the term has been used from the mid-18th century.

The net can be made of cotton, polyethylene, polyester or nylon. Its mesh size of 1.2 mm can stop mosquitoes but there are some that comes with smaller mesh size of 0.6mm. Where can you use these mosquito nets? It can be hung over beds from the celing or a frame. It can also be built into tents for those who enjoys camping and this can also be installed in windows and doors.

Mosquito net
Nowadays, there are mosquito nets that are treated with insecticided which are knowns ar insecticide treated nets or bednets. These were developed in the 1980s for the prevention of malaria. The new insecticide nets are starting to replace insecticide treated nets in many countries and these can last longer. Insecticide treated nets are known to be twice as effective as untreated nets and it can offer a greater protection. Such nets are dip treated with the use of a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide like deltamethrin or permethrin which doubles the protection over a non-treated mosquito net by killing and repelling mosquitoes.

Mosquito net – great prevention

The net is often used for babies, hung over their cots and beds. These nets are perfect for places who are usually always damp and humid. Mosquitoes love the wet and the humid as they tend to get attracted to such places. However, it is very important nowadays that everyone should have mosquito protection because mosquitoes carry deadly diseases that can be very critical if a person or a child is bitten.

There are many things that you can do to prevent mosquitoes from biting your loved ones and yourself as well. Prevent it as much as you can and these mosquito nets are very affordable and you can buy plenty of these.

Mosquito Magnet

Mosquito Magnet – How It Works

Mosquitoes are really such a pain and these days, there are some mosquitoes that can be the cause of deadly diseases to human. One bite from such mosquitoes can be fatal. This is because these mosquitoes suck out blood from different people and it can transfer or acquire new diseases.

There are different ways to control mosquitoes. There is something called DEET that you can use and try other creams and lotions. Also, there are citronella candles or torches to confuse sensors of the mosquitoes. However, if you want to get rid of these mosquitoes for good, there is the mosquito magnet.

Mosquito magnet
The magnet mimics the attributes that attract mosquitoes to human and animals. It emits carbon dioxide with other mosquito attractant. This is because mosquitoes use carbon dioxide, heat signature and the smell of the skin to find and determine which person they are going to bite. A magnet converts LPG to CO2 with the use of patented catalytic conversion technology in combination with patented short range attractants that resembles the sweat and breathing of a mammal.

When you place the magnet upwind from the breeding ground of these mosquitoes and insects, the scent will attract the mosquito and insects. When these insects come near the magnet, they will be vacuumed into a net where they will dehydrate and die. The results can be noticed for around 7-10 days and it will take a month and a half to reduce the population of mosquitoes in your area.

Where can you find a mosquito magnet?

You can purchase a mosquito magnet in stores near you or you can purchase it online as well. However, if you want to know about the different brands in the market today, you can do so just by researching online.

Preventing these mosquitoes from getting into your home and biting your loved ones can be prevented. Everyone should prevent getting bit by these mosquitoes especially children because mosquitoes are now considered to be dangerous.

Mosquito Repellent

There are many diseases that are brought by mosquitoes nowadays and these diseases can be fatal, because of this, there are many ways to prevent getting bit by these deadly mosquitoes and one cost-effective way is the use of a mosquito repellent.

Mosquito repellent – how it works

Before you get it wrong, mosquito repellents do not kill mosquitoes. Instead, once it is applied on the skin, the chemicals present in repellents can prevent mosquitoes from biting you for a specific period of time. The amount of time depends on the nature of the chemicals in the repellent. Also, the humidity and your body type can also affect the duration of the effect.

Kinds of mosquito repellent

There are many kinds available in the market these days. These repellents differ when it comes to its ingredients. There are mosquito repellents that are made from synthetic chemicals like DEET and N N Diethyl benzamide and there are some that are made from plans derivatives like citronella, neem, peppermint or eucalyptus.

Mosquito repellent

These mosquito repellents are available in the form of creams, lotions, sprays, wipes, roll-on sticks, liquid vaporizers, coils, mats and many more. There are some plants that have the ability to ward off mosquitoes such as marigold, Thai lemon grass, oregano and catnip. Aside from these, there are electronic devices that rely on ultrasound and electromagnetic waves to repel these pests.

How to use a mosquito repellent properly

If you have recently bought one and you are going to apply it to your child or to yourself, it is always best that you read the label and follow the instructions included. Most chemical-based repellents such as DEET should be used sparingly as there is a lesser need for reapplication as it works for long periods of time. The use of DEET is not recommended for babies 2 months old and below. However, you might want to avoid applying chemical-based repellent creams and lotions on your baby’s skin. This is because the ingredients of these repellents might be harmful and may cause an allergic reaction when it comes in contact with your baby’s delicate skin.

However, there are some chemical-based repellents that can be applied directly to the skin or to clothing, window screens, mesh insect ners or sleeping bags.

It is very important that you keep in mind these things before you head out and purchase a mosquito repellent.