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The Best Throwing Knives For Sale

Throwing knives as a hobby isn’t exactly as popular as say, darts. In fact, we usually only see it in movies or in TV shows. Throwing blades is a challenging and interesting activity. It is rather very impressive to see people doing it because it’s not that simple and takes a lot of practice.

There are a variety of throwing knives for sale, whether for beginners or for the experienced and professional. The right kind of tool is required, so you have to find the right kind of knives for you. Searching through the Internet will help you a lot. There are only a few shops that carry them and for more options and good prices, the Web has the best deals.

Throwing knives for sale come in sets. They come in 1 piece or 12 piece sets. They also come in different types:

  • Double sided
  • Eagle eye (10 inches)
  • Hollow handle (8in)
  • Jack ripper
  • Spear rainbow silver wing
  • Spear silver wing
  • Rainbow Steel Kunai Ninja set
  • Widow Jumbo set

These are only some of different types of throwing knives for sale in the market today. Many of them are very affordable and not that pricey. If you are a beginner, it is best to purchase cheap throwing knives before obtaining expensive ones that are usually for experienced knife throwers. It is recommended to buy the cheap ones first because it is very likely that beginners will break some of them during practice.

If you plan to start knife throwing as a hobby, you should always protect yourself and follow safety guidelines such as wearing protective gear and practicing with no people around so no one will get hurt. It is also best that you know all the fundamentals before practicing. Learning everything you need to know is highly recommended in order for you to have the proper knowledge regarding your chosen hobby and to do it in a safe way.

SOG throwing knives

Another brand that is getting popular for throwing knives is the SOG throwing knives. Throwing knives made by SOG are multi-tools meaning it can be used as a spear, a hunting knife or a throwing knife because of its 3 quality blades.

The blades of SOG throwing knives are made from:

  • 420 stainless steel
  • Comes with nylon sheath

SOG is originally stood as Studies and Observation Group, a military group to covert war in the Vietnam War. SOG is known to be the first manufacturer of knives that offers an expanded line that included folded blades and multipurpose tools.

SOG throwing knives are famous for their aerodynamics, balance and its resistance to scratch. These qualities made it good throwing knives. The knives can also be used in tactics. The appearance of the throwing knives is very manly and comes in the colour black. Very “SWAT-like” I must say. It is also affordable and in fact you can buy three knives for the price of one.

There are a lot brands for throwing knives but this throwing knives from SOG are actually multi-purpose and in my opinion are very nice-looking. In fact, this has become one of the best-looking knives for me among the others. Well, obviously it shouldn’t be about the physical appearance of the knives but once you see it you just can’t help but notice it.

SOG throwing knives are protected with a hard-cased black coating and make good back-up field knives, you just have to wrap the handles with a Para cord or use as is. using it for throwing have earned good reviews by a lot of people and this is a good thing because reviews show how beautiful the product is and will add up to the brand’s reputation.

SOG throwing knives looks like throwing knives for soldiers and it’s no wonder because the manufacturers of these knives are made from an Elite military group. That is why it has such a good look in it. Another thing with these throwing knives, people find it easy to adapt which is a good thing because it is quite difficult to find good throwing knives that will adapt to its owner and vice versa. SOG’s throwing knives can be ordered online and can be shipped to you but it depends on your location, there are some location that SOG are unable to ship products because some are just too far and the fee that you will pay for the shipping will be even larger than the price of the throwing knives. The SOG initials are crafted in the throwing knives which is really cool. Check out these cool throwing knives from SOG, you will sure appreciate its beauty and quality.

Gil Hibben throwing knives

For knife throwing enthusiasts you probably heard of the Gil Hibben throwing knives. Gil Hibben is famous in martial arts and have earned a lot of awards in regards with his 50 years training of Kenpo Karate.

With this the Gil Hibben throwing knives are born by the famous martial artist. Gil Hibben designed the Kenpo knife which was his specialty in Karate. It is not only throwing knives but he also made a variety of knives and some knives were used in a movie such as Rambo and Perfect Weapon. Gil Hibben knives also have been featured in a lot of magazines and won awards.

Here are some of Gil Hibben’s throwing knives:

  • Hibben Silver Shadow Knife – this is a very special knife because Gil Hibben himself personally customized the knife for the United Cutlery in has a silver wire wrap that gives sure grip to knife throwers and Gil Hibben’s personal stamp engraved in the blade and it comes with a custom genuine leather sheath.
  • Hibben Double Shadow Knife – the design is quiote different from the first shadow knife Gil Hibben custom-made. The blade is divided into two by an extraordinary blade cut out.
  • Hibben Original Thrower Triple Set – this is the original Hibben thrower and is based on Gil’s own design and can also be used as a hunting knife. Perfectly balanced knife to assure rotation when thrown properly. This is the most popular knife in the market today and unfortunately, the most imitated.
  • Hibben Thrower II triple set – this is the 2nd version of Gil’s “thrower”.
  • Hibben Large Cord Grip Thrower Triple Set – this knife is quite larger and has a large grip.
  • Hibben Generation 2 Thrower Triple Set – Gil’s updated designs. Comes in three throwers in a sheath.

Gil Hibben’s throwing knives may be pricey but these are really worth the money especially for professional knife throwers. Sylvester Stallone is a long time collector of Gil Hibben’s knives. The throwing knives come in good quality and are mostly custom-crafted by Gil Hibben himself. Nothing will also ever compare to the engraved personal stamp of the famous knife maker in the world. That personal stamp is makes the knives worth buying.

Although some knife throwers cannot afford Gil Hibben throwing knives, it is still a dream for them that they long to achieve in the days to come. As a knife thrower, it is very fulfilling to at least own one Gil Hibben throwing knives. Gil Hibben knives are not only because he’s famous and his knives have been used in different movies, but it is also the quality it gives to knife throwing enthusiasts. The materials used came from the best quality and some are even crafted by Gil Hibben himself.

Cold steel throwing knives

Cold steel throwing knives are known to be one of the best quality throwing knives out there because its blade is made from cold steel. Cold steel is known to be very sturdy unlike other cheap blades that can easily be bent with the impact of the throw or sometimes, can even break.

They say that if you’re a beginner and still getting the hang of knife throwing, your mentor or experts will advise you buy cheap throwing knives first because it is possible that if you buy expensive throwing knives, as a beginner, there is a possibility that you will break the knives. However, it is possible to find Cold steel throwing knives in an affordable price. There is also a brand, cold steel that caters knives in the market made from cold steel. Here are some cold steel knives:

  • Cold Steel Shanghai Shadow Throwing Knife 13-1/4” Overall with Polypropylene handles. – it has a ring on its handles and it has been Cold Steel’s signature. The ring on the handles gives the blade a variety of advantages. With the handle, it gives versatility to the handler and provided a secure grip. The blade is broad and perfect for knife throwing.
  • Cold Steel True Flight Thrower – ultra-versatile and has a strong utility edge that is sharp but safe enough.
  • Cold Steel Perfect Balance Throwing Knife – hard and very efficient when it comes to targeting because of its weight and fully-sharpened clip point.
  • Cold Steel Pro Balance Thrower – dagger like point and designed for the professional knife throwers.
  • Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower – this thrower is pretty heavy but will not wreck anything. It has a robust point that can drive deep in the target.

Cold Steel throwing knives are preferred by a lot of knife throwers and knife throwing enthusiasts, it is also very affordable. If you want to avail of Cold Steel knives and choose from a wide selection, the best place to search is thru the Internet. Cold Steel Knives will surely be a strong knife that will be difficult to break and made from good quality.

Its affordability and good-quality makes it popular to knife throwers. These knives are not only for beginners but also for the professional knife throwers. Knives like Gil Hibben are usually collectibles and not to be used in practice, however famous knives can be used during a competition while the Cold Steel throwing knives can be used anytime and anywhere. Cold Steel knives are very flexible and convenient to use. You just have to find the right Cold Steel knife that you will be comfortable for you and will make throwing knives easier for you, choose the perfect weight and the perfect balance will go with it.

Ninja throwing knives

Who doesn’t dream of being a ninja once in their lives? Everybody does, everybody loves their stealth and how they move. If you are a knife thrower there are ninja throwing knives for you that will definitely make you feel a ninja.

Ninja throwing knives are different from other throwing knives because of its size. It’s smaller than your typical throwing knife. Because of its size, it is designed to be used by professional knife throwers. You got to have the skills in order to handle throwing knives that small. These knives are also good when it comes to practicing your throwing technique. It is sturdy and definitely well-balanced.

The art of knife throwing can be a difficult hobby but once you get the hang of it, you can never get enough of it. Ninja throwing knives are best for well-experienced knife throwers and this shouldn’t be used by beginners because it can cause damage to the knife and even worse, damage those around you. Since it’s pretty small, it is very light and we all know beginners are not recommended to use light throwing knives, what they need to use are those throwing knives that are in the average weight. Not too light and not too heavy.

Ninja throwing knives comes in the set of 3 and comes with a nylon sheath. It has a circle loop in the handle of the throwing knife. These throwing knives can be purchased on high-end knives stores but for variety and options, it is best to search thru the Internet, there are a lot of throwing knives for sale in the Internet.

The lightness of the ninja throwing knives means that it can really fly easily thru the air but must be handled by an experienced knife thrower. These throwing knives are definitely best for ninjas or assassins and for professional throwers. The lightness cannot be handed well by a beginner.

Ninja throwing knives are more difficult to throw than ninja throwing stars. Also, these throwing knives are considered stealth weapons because it can easily be hidden and the size. Even though you are already a professional, it is best to still observe safety and care when knife throwing. Especially with the Ninja knives which are very light and can be easily directed in a different direction because of the wind or can easily hit something if you are not focused. Caution should be observed.

Professional knife thrower? Then why don’t you try using these ninja throwing knives, it may very well suit you and these knives are perfect for tournaments. It is very affordable and you can buy one to try and practice with. You never know, this may be the perfect throwing knife for you.

Professional throwing knives

So, you have enough experience in knife throwing. Now, it is time to buy yourself professional throwing knives. Here are some professional throwing knives that you can choose from:

  • Scorpion Stainless Throwing Knife w/ Nylon Sheath 9.75 in. – well-balanced and very sharp. Perfect for professionals because they have mastered the art of knife throwing, and the sharpness of the knife is not an issue to them anymore. This also comes with a nylon sheath and a belt loop.
  • Boker USA Bailey Ziel 3-pc Set Throwing Knives – perfect for tournaments and has the best tournament level.
  • SOG Fusion Spirit Plain Edge Black Blade, Nylon Handle Throwing Knife – created by an elite military group. Sleek and aerodynamic. Multi-purpose and can be used as a spear or a hunting knife.
  • United Cutlery Lighting Bolt Throwing Knives Triple Set
  • Cold Steel Knives Sure Balance Thrower – belongs in the heavyweight class and resilient enough.
  • Ninja Stealth Silver Throwing Knives with Nylon Case- set of 3 knives with case – perfect for enhancing your throwing technique.

Listed above are some of the best professional throwing knives out there with incredible quality and still very affordable. If you have mastered the art of throwing, you can easily handle professional knives. You will then know your preferred type and what kind of throwing strategy to do. Knives can be held in different parts, depending on the person, but there are some knives that are too sharp that are not ideal for throwing.

A lot of beginners are eager to buy themselves some professional throwing knives. However, they just need to hang in there and use beginner throwing knives before progressing on to the next level. Even professional knives can come in affordable prices. This usually depends on the brand. Those that are listed above are popular brands for throwing knives as well as other kinds of knives.

Since it is designed for professional use, it has a variety of weights, sizes and types to fit the knife thrower’s needs, unlike other throwing knives for beginners that have an average weight only.

Getting to the professional stage of your knife throwing is very rewarding because not everyone can progress in knife throwing, and some people usually give up easily because they sometimes get frustrated while some just can’t work on their “focus.” Others are just trying it out for fun to see if they will get the hang of it. It is very rewarding and fulfilling to progress on knife throwing because it takes a lot of discipline and focus.

Tactical throwing knives

Are you a knife thrower and you want to practice with tactical throwing knives? Well, here are some knives that can help you get the best tactical knife that will suit you well.

  • TOBRUK 2 – 11″ Tactical Combat Knife – has a single slab 440 steel construction, Para cord lanyard and sheath, versatile.
  • TOBRUK 8 – 11″ Tactical Combat Knife – To the point construction, skinning blade, can easily be handled in hot or wet weather condition
  • Uzi Tactical Throwers – 420 high carbon stainless, v-shaped holes in the handle for firm grip, clean release when throwing.

Tactical throwing knives are designed for combat. These kinds of knives should be thrown with discipline. These are knives that cannot be used just because you want to, tactical knives requires discipline and practice. Soldiers or those who are in the military have tactical knives because these are normally used for combat and can also be used in throwing.

Knives used in tactics are relied mostly by those who are in the army and search and rescue. It is also designed with low profile for hiding and concealment. Tactical throwing knives should only be used by experienced and professional knife-throwers. These are the kind of knives that beginners should not dare try. Since these knives are designed for combat it has features that beginners will not notice which can cause an accident or damage.

The main use of tactical knives are usually for the armed forces, this can help them with their missions because it can cut thru hard surfaces, ropes and other things that are usually encountered by the military. Tactical throwing knives are also given to them just in case they lose their guns or for defense also, military soldiers are experienced in knife throwing so they have every right to use these in combat.

Remember that tactical throwing knives are used for combat so you should be sure that before practicing with these knives you are in a safe location where no one can cross in front of you and there are no children nearby. It is also best to practice with these kinds of knives in a closed room; open spaces are likely to be more accident-prone areas. After use, keep it away where no one can reach it especially if there are children in the house. This is very dangerous object that should be kept away from children.

Tactical throwing weapons may be difficult to use because the use of these knives for throwing is not very common, but with determination and practice, you might just get the hang of it and even master it. It is also best to seek advice from professionals or experts that have been knife throwers for years.

Kunai throwing knives for sale

Kunai throwing knives are made by Ninjas in the early days, Kunai is a masonry trowel that ninjas used to create different weapons. Their kunai weapons can be easily sharpened and can also be used as a grappling hook.

Kunai throwing knives are pretty small and light and have a pointed end. Experienced or professional throwers are only the people allowed to use these knives for throwing. It is very sleek and proven effective. This is the traditional multi-functional weapon of ninjas. It is extremely sharp and the balance can be found in the center, and it has a tight cord in its handle.

The Kunai throwing knives originally are not knives, but more like a wrecking bar but due to our modern days, the Kunai knives are being used by knife-throwers and these knives have been seen in a lot of movies such as the Mortal Kombat. You may find these knives very cute because of its size but watch out because these throwing knives are very sharp because of its pointed edge and these knives can be easily sharpened.
Assassins and ninjas are famous for using Kunai throwing knives, because of its size it is commonly called a stealth weapon because you can just hide it anywhere and being an assassin or a ninja means doing the job in stealth. These throwing knives are very affordable and have been earning good reviews by a lot of knife throwers worldwide. A lot are also eager to try these knives because it will be such an achievement to master the knives because it is very small and can be very difficult to aim to the designated target.

Here are some tips to help you learn how to throw Kunai throwing knives:

  • Determine your throwing style. If you choose to hold the blade in your palm you need to put a little spin to it when throwing.
  • For dagger-like throws, hold the knife by its handle, raise your arm, be sure that the blade is pointing straight behind you then bring your arm down and throw.

Those tips are quite easy to follow but once you’re in the situation you might find it a little difficult also if it’s your first time to use small throwing knives.

Kunai throwing knives should be well-kept once done using especially if you have children at home. also, when practicing throwing knives, it is best to be in a secluded spot where no one can enter and it’s just you and there are no things that can be damaged. Knives are pretty dangerous so you will need to be cautious and alerts when you are practicing. Your focus and concentration should be present while knife throwing especially small knives like the Kunai knives.

Bowie throwing knives

You might have heard of James Bowie. He popularized the Bowie knife. There are Bowie throwing knives for knife-throwing enthusiasts and aspiring knife throwers. A Bowie knife is a fixed blade that is usually larger than common knives. It is quite difficult to throw Bowie knives because of their heavy weight and bulky shape, but more and more people are now practicing on throwing Bowie knives.

Here are some tips to help you master Bowie throwing knives:

  • Familiarize yourself with the balance of the Bowie knife. Since it’s quite heavy, it is best to put to feel it first and practice throwing gestures with it.
  • Find the balance of the knife. This is essential because it helps you throw the knife without causing any damage.
  • Practice throwing without removing the Bowie from your hand. Try some throwing gestures. If the Bowie wobbles, it means that you are not handling it very well.

The tips above will help you learn and master throwing Bowie knives. It can get pretty hard, and you may even commit a mistake due to its weight. But if you are determined enough, there will no problem and you will get the hang of it.

Bowie throwing knives are only to be used by experienced or professional knife throwers. Beginners are not advised to do so because they can just hurt themselves or damage things. Or even worse, hurt someone. There have also been good reviews by people who used a Bowie knife for throwing.

Bowie throwing knives are tough enough to handle hours of throwing practice. They have rosewood handles and are very sturdy. A lot of knife throwers want to try throwing a bowie knife because it feels like an achievement to some who are throwing something that heavy. Bowie knives are also very affordable and can be used for different things like cutting and hunting. It can cut through hard surfaces as well.

Be careful when using Bowie throwing knives. Aside from being heavy, you will need the proper strength to throw it and aim it at your target. Never play with it. Put it away right after use, especially if you have children at home. It is very dangerous, and the weight can cause serious injuries if reached by a child. If you already have a Bowie knife at home, you might want to practice throwing in a safe and secluded spot where no one can get harmed. The art of knife throwing can be difficult, especially if you are practicing with a heavy knife like the Bowie. Again, these Bowie throwing knives are only for experienced and professional knife throwers.

Finding cheap throwing knives

Cheap throwing knives are best when you are still practicing your skills in knife throwing. Experts say that is best to use cheap ones for beginners because some knives can break when you are just beginning the art of knife throwing.

A lot of people are making knife throwing their hobby because they are discovering how fun and exciting it is. It is indeed a form of art and mastering the art of knife throwing is very rewarding because not everyone can do it. Cheap throwing knives are often used by beginners because aside from it being highly-recommended by experienced knife throwers, it is sturdy and balanced.

If you still don’t know the art of throwing and you’re just getting started, it is inappropriate to buy expensive ones because you never know if you will get the hang of the knife throwing or it is not for you. Buying expensive ones as a beginner is totally unpractical because there is a tendency that you will break it during practice. Cheap throwing knives does not mean that because it’s cheap it is breakable, it means that you should only buy cheap ones first during the beginning of your practice as a beginner but the quality is good and cannot be easily broken.

There are different types and different designs of cheap throwing knives in the market wherein you can choose from a wide variety that will suit your personality. Don’t get too overwhelmed when you are in throwing knives store especially if you’re still a beginner; just buy cheap ones that will perfectly suit you. Weigh it in in your hands and remember that throwing knives should not be too light and too heavy unless you have already mastered the skill, that way you can now choose and determine what kind of throwing knives are for you but for beginners it is best to buy a knife in the average weight.

If you want to find assorted cheap throwing knives, the best place to go to is the Internet. The Internet will offer you a lot of cheap throwing knives with good quality and you can also choose different designs and types that you think will express your personality and will suit your taste. Practicality is an essential factor when entering the art of knife throwing, cheap knives are recommended for beginners and as you progress you will have the privilege to but expensive ones.

Master the skill first, or better yet gather some experience first before buying expensive ones. As for now, as beginner, cheap throwing knives will work perfectly for you. Cheap knives are practical for starters so don’t go overboard and buy expensive ones when you decide to try knife throwing.