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The Best Projectors For Computers Reviewed

You’re probably tired of doing your presentations in a meeting with the use of whiteboards or paper charts. But now, there’s an effective solution for you to do your presentation in a more comfortable manner, and that is the use of projectors for computers.

Most of our documents are done via our computers and laptops because they give more comfort and convenience to us. But when it comes to presenting these documents in a meeting, we have to print out a lot of papers and distribute them to those who will be in the meeting for them to fully understand what we’re trying to imply. For a professional look, using projectors for computers is now the way to go. These projectors can easily be connected to your computer or laptop, and it will just show up in the wall in front of you with the flow charts you’ve made in order to wow the client and score a big account.

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Slide show programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint will let you put together professional presentations that you can directly send to the projector and view on a large screen for your clients or bosses. This will allow you to give your clients or bosses a more professional presentation. There are also stronger projectors that are typically used in larger rooms as well as models with high resolution output.

These projectors for your computers are portable too and with a good range of lightweight items. Projectors for computers nowadays cover all the basic features like stereo speakers, remote control and video projection. Projectors have really come a long way, and they are often used in offices. In fact, every office needs to have one as this is very essential. This will help highlight the information you are trying to give to the clients or your co-workers. Using a projector will also ensure that you will be able to present a very successful presentation because you know you have come up with the right tools in order to present it and make it more understandable.

Giving your clients and co-workers a visual idea of what you are trying to tell them is a good thing. Instead of presenting them with lots of papers and doing all the talking, the tendency is that they will usually get bored. Some might not even get the point of what you’re saying. You can’t just put everything into words. Sometimes, letting them see what you’re trying to say will be more effective than droning on and on about a particular subject that you are trying to relay to them. Projectors for computers are really useful and helpful not only in the office but at home as well.

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Eyeclops Mini Projector

The Eyeclops Mini Projector will offer you handiness because it is very compact and lightweight giving you the ability to bring it anywhere. The bulky and heavy projectors we used to have in the early days are now proven to be obsolete and new projectors are coming in the market. These new projectors are very compact and handy just like the Eyeclops Mini Projector. You can use if for watching movies, playing videogames and to present PowerPoint presentations in your office.

With this mini projector from EyeClops you get your favorite movies, TV shows and video games, super-sized and on the go! Experience all of your media anywhere - indoors, outdoors and everywhere in between - with a screen size up to 60". Works with DVD players, mp3 & multimedia players like iPod and iPhone, video games and more! Now available on Amazon for $38.06 with FREE SHIPPING through this link right here.


  • Projects up to 60” in size
  • You can take it anywhere
  • Can work with DVD players, iPod, video games and digital cameras
  • Super LED illumination
  • Can project movies, television, videogames and many more

This projector comes in the dimension onf 16 x 4 4 9 inches and weighs 2,5 pounds. Kids can use this as well and they will be able to play video games in a wider screen that will give more distinct and clear images. This will make them enjoy more their video games. You may also use this for presentations done in PowerPoint. There are many things that you can do with this. Children ages 8 and above can use this portable digital projector that can fit in the palm of your hand and has the ability to project a screen size of up to 60 inches. You just need a dark room and standard RCA cables to connect the projector to your favorite media player or gaming consoles. It also comes with optional battery packs for projection on-the-go.


  • It may be small but it can put big-screen projection capability
  • Can work with almost electronic gadgets
  • The darker the room is the clearer the image
  • Can also be connected to headphones or external speaker
  • Very portable
  • Sturdy
  • Great price

The BAD:

  • LED lamp requires total darkness ( this is because it is designed for dark areas)
  • 3 feet from the display area will make the image go fuzzy (the instruction says for it to take effect it must be used in a 5 feet distance from the display area

The EyeClops Mini Projector is available on Amazon for just $38.06 with FREE SHIPPING. Click on pic for more details.

This projector will definitely give more enjoyment to your kids especially if they’re watching their favorite movie or video games.  Many people are using this to watch videos at night in their ceiling. Imagine lying down in a very comfortable way and just looking up while your favorite movie is playing! It also gives such impressive image for its price but this is not meant to compete with high-end projectors because it is actually for watching and games purposes only. The Eyeclops mini projector is a actually a toy and you can find this in toy departments.

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The Best Laptop Projectors

Laptop projectors are very handy these days. The usual bulky projectors are getting less popular because newer models today are more portable and give the consumers a more convenient way of handling their projectors from different places. A projector for your laptop will give your PowerPoint presentations a more professional feel and will make the presentation more alive.

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If you usually have PowerPoint presentations for seminars, lectures or training, your presentations will be more understood and appreciated by using a projector. You will be able to explain what you really want to say to your audience, and they will have a better understanding. It is also known that the use of these projectors have made such a successful development when it comes to the growth of a company and has also developed the company’s sales higher. Another good thing about these laptop projectors is its multimedia ability. This will give you endless prospects as long as you have Internet connection.

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PowerPoint presentations will be extended in a larger audience since everyone will have the ability to see what your presentation is all about and what you are trying to send out to your audience. Whatever concept you have, may it be figures, videos and other interactive media files from the web, will easily become available and be included to any presentation with the use of these projectors. Aside from presentations, it may also offer you awesome entertainment. It can be used in your home as well to watch different videos from the Internet. You may now share it with a big audience, especially if you have a small gathering at home. This will be perfect and will provide a more fun and enjoyable watching experience.

There are many laptop projectors in the market today and are being offered by many reputable brands. Just make sure that you determine your budget before getting a projector. You may not need projectors with top of the line features if you will only be using it for presentations, enough features that will produce high-quality images and videos will be fine. However, if you really want a projector for your laptop with top of the line features, then you may need to stretch that budget a little bit. The good thing about these projectors is that it is a very profitable investment in the future, and you can use it for years to come. Laptop projectors will give you a very smart and informative presentation and will also give you a fun and enjoyable entertainment at home that can cater to a large audience.

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Casio projectors reviewed

Casio Projectors deliver a combination of LEDs with an outstanding performance up to 3,000 ANSI Lumens. Projectors from Casio assure a long life and consistent performance. The new Casio models come with an operational life of up to 20,000 hours without changing lamps. The new models guarantee also improvement performance against the conventional lamps used in their projectors. It is a well-known fact that a projector from Casio is a profitable investment for the future.

Among all the LED projectors: this is the one! Great price, monster screen and low maintenance. Available on Amazon $499.99 with FREE SHIPPING. Click on pic for more details.

When it comes to the quality of the images from their projectors, they provide constant brilliant, clear and impressive images throughout the whole 20,000 hour-life. It also comes with a brilliant color rendition and extreme range colors that is even more enhanced. These new improvements increase the perception of brightness proportional to the degree of color saturation. The grayscale rendition is almost perfect and the black appears really black and not very dark as a grey shade; with these new improvements when it comes to colors it will definitely make any office presentations and home entertainment the best experience and remarkable experience.

Casio projectors are available on Amazon, most of them with FREE SHIPPING. For more details click here.

Casio projectors are now expanding their projectors in a more portable way. They have developed mini and slim projectors to offer the consumers a more convenient and portable way to use their projectors. For offices, you can just carry the projector if the meeting will be held in another meeting room and for entertainment or gaming purposes, you will have the ability to watch and play in any part of your home. Casio projectors will offer you high-quality, versatile and convenient projectors.

Projectors made from Casio are becoming more and popular these days and the demands are getting higher because a lot of people right now wants to enjoy their movie experience more while some others want to deliver a more professional feel when it comes to their office presentations. However, these projectors and even different brands of projectors don’t come cheap so you will need to determine your budget according to the price range of projectors nowadays. Casio projectors usually range around $1000 and up. Casio’s latest projectors come in slim types and if you’re the type of person that presents PowerPoint in many different places, this will be very handy for you and as for those who will use this for their home theaters or gaming purposes, this will not take up too much space.

So, if you’re looking for high-quality projectors made by a reputable company, Casio projectors will be the best one for you. Casio projectors will give you the best features and you will be able to deliver more beautiful presentations or high-quality movie and gaming entertainment in your home.

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Gaming projector buying guide

For those who love playing games using different game consoles, having a gaming projector will surely give you the best gaming experience. There are a lot of people hooked on gaming especially now that technology keeps on developing and improving different electronic devices. What better way to fully enjoy these games is with the use of a projector? Invite your friends over and play a challenge game and experience the best graphics ever.

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Gaming projectors are very in-demand nowadays because of the superior picture quality it delivers. Projectors for gaming has high-resolution and has the ability to provide a clear image that is perfect for projector video games. This will allow you to see things without any glares or fuzziness. Keep in mind that these projectors are best when it comes with a projector screen. This will allow you to fully enjoy the projector and the game as well on a larger screen. There are different screen sizes. Some are several feet long that are common to flat screens and rear projection televisions sets. For gaming projectors, you can choose from any screen size and this will allow you to place the unit in different areas of the house or room. This versatility is very important aspect of owning a projector. This will allow you not to be limited when it comes to locations.

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If you are into gaming and you want to maximize your gaming experience, this projector will suit you best. There are a lot of things you can do with it; you can also watch movies with the use of a projector. These projectors are a good investment because it can be used in any entertainment purposes. There are different known brands that offer projectors, you just have to find one that will work best for you. Remember that these projectors don’t come cheap so you may need a bigger budget if you’re looking for a projector with top of the line features. However, if you’re looking for affordable ones you may also check some factories for refurbished projectors.

Have the best gaming experience with your family and friends and enjoy the new video game with the help of a gaming projector. You will surely love everything about it and it will be worth the money. Nothing beats coming home after a tiring day with a great home entertainment system, and having a gaming projector will do the trick as this can be used in watching TV shows as well. It’s like having your own movie theater at home and you have the ability to play your favorite video games. A gaming projector is the best thing for those gamers out there.

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Refurbished projectors: the best how-to guide

If you want to buy a projector and you are on a tight budget, refurbished projectors will be the best one for you. Sure, it will be nice if you can buy a top-of-the-line projector but not everyone has enough cash to fund a specific electronic device. One best way to buy projectors that will guarantee you that you still will be able to get the features the same with the new ones is going to factories and looking for factory refurbished projectors. This will be very affordable and you will also still get good quality. The projectors being sold in these factories are usually sent back by consumers because of minor glitches on the product or some of the components are not functioning. It will be returned to the factory to be refurbished and since this was sent back, it is being sold in a lower price.

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Once a factory refurbished projector is being sold to the public, this means that the product has been completely tested at the factory and it is in a good working condition. You may check out the Websites of different manufacturers of projectors and you may ask them about refurbished projectors and if they’re holding a sale. Refurbished projectors from factories are the best buy especially if you’re looking for one. You will have the assurance that the projector is made from original parts and it has been tested by the company itself who distributes these projectors in the market. Also, the best thing about this is it is usually backed up by a good warranty and the quality standards at the factory are high. However, if you’ve found refurbished projectors on outlets and other private sellers, these projectors may have been refurbished with non-factory parts and may also lack warranties and other protection.

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For a sure buy when it comes to refurbished projectors, the best choice is to check out the factories of different brands that produces projectors in the local market. This will guarantee you good quality products and warranty. However, you should also think about the maintenance of the product especially if a specific projector has been discontinued. It may be hard to get replacement lamps or other parts that will be needed if in case the projector broke. That is why majority of the people that are looking for projectors rely solely on factories as factories have a supportive warranty and parts which will be readily available even if the product has been discontinued.

It is not impossible anymore for you to own a projector, whether you will be using it for your home or for office presentations, a more affordable projector will work best for you and the most affordable projectors are refurbished projectors that are usually found in factories that produces and manufactures projectors.

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Movie projectors for home

A lot of people are upgrading their home theaters for a more fun watching experience and the best way to do it is with movie projectors for home. Home projectors will definitely give you the best TV experience in your own home. People who love spending money on DVDs and watching it at home with their family or friends, a movie projector should be in handy to give you ultimate movie experience.

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If you’re looking for a home projector, remember that there are two types of projector, the Digital Light Processing (DLP) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The DLP has a higher contrast than the LCD but it doesn’t have one setback known as the rainbow effect. A rainbow effect is a burst of color noticeable when a person looks from one side of the screen to the other. While the LCD projectors consist of 3 distinct glass LCD panels within and every one for every component of the video signal. The panel of the LCD allows the light to pass through them while the DLP reflects light. LCD projectors generate brighter images and have awesome color saturation.

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Shopping for home projectors is definitely not a hard work and will not cause you too much effort however; you must know what type of system you want for your home theater so you can just ask the salesperson to direct you in the different models of the particular type you’ve chosen. Also, consider the connectivity and the contract ratio as well. You must remember that the higher the ratio, better the picture. The projector should also connect to other devices without any hassles. You must also consider the brightness of the projector. Avoid purchasing a projector that has less than 1000 lumens.

When buying a home projector it is best that you have specified requirements for you to easily search for the right projector which will rightly suit your needs. You don’t need screens but having one will make get the best out of your projector. If you wish to purchase a screen, make sure that you purchase first the projector. Test it first on your white wall and then decide on what screen would go rightly with the projector. This will help you save money instead of buying screen first because these screens can’t be returned once you purchased.

Get that cinematic experience in your own home and enjoy your movies more. You will surely have a great experience with it and will also act as a great movie bonding with your family or friends. Movie projectors for home is the best for you if you want a more enhance movie experience in your own home just like in movie theaters.

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The Best PowerPoint Projectors

PowerPoint projectors will be the best tool you can use to present your presentations to a wider audience and to give them a more thorough understanding on what you are trying to tell them. Using a projector will also give them a more thorough understanding of the presentation, and they will be able to catch up with the information you are presenting to them. This will definitely wow your clients and give you a bigger chance to close an account or to introduce a new idea on different office details.

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A good research on the Internet will help you find the best projectors out there. However, you will need to know what things to consider to be able to get the best projector for your PowerPoint documents. Here is a list of things that you should consider:

  • Brightness – this is the most important consideration you should make when looking for a good PowerPoint projector. Identify the brightness that a particular projector will provide. The brightness of a projector is measured by Lumens. If you’re looking for a projector with a good display, then you should go for brightness level of 2000 lumens. There are also lower levels of brightness, but these levels do not provide satisfactory display and will show dull and dark images.
  • Resolution – this is to estimate the number of pixels that is displayed per square. To be able to get the best clarity of the picture you should find a projector with higher resolution.
  • Connectivity – some projectors come with the ability to be connected to other video devices. You may pick a projector that can connect to a specific video device that you want the projector to be connected to. It is best if you go for a projector that has more connectivity options. You may say that you won’t be able to make use of this feature, but in the long run, you will be able to discover a use for it. Hence, you should always go for better connectivity options.
  • Customer service – if you are a highly technical person and know how the different problems that arise to projectors can be fixed, customer service may not be a big deal for you. However, for those who aren’t techie and don’t know much about these things, you should buy a projector from a company that gives the best and reliable customer support, and that will allow you to call them at anytime of the day.

Following these things to consider will help you find the best projector for your PowerPoint data. They will also enable you to deliver the best presentation for your audience. PowerPoint projectors should be versatile and at least portable for more convenience.

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ViewSonic PJD5122 SVGA DLP Projector review

The ViewSonic PJD5122 SVGA DLP Projector has 3D technology. You will be able to have the best entertainment media watching in this particular projector. If you’re the type of person that loves to watch movies or play games, then this projector will definitely give you a more fun and enjoyable experience during these activities.

Main features:

  • Can support up to 120Hz frame
  • 3D ready DLP technology
  • Clear and bright
  • Brilliant technology
  • Greener presentations
  • Eco-mode and filter-less design
  • 8 preset picture modes including whiteboard, blackboard and cinema
  • Gives the best warranties
  • PRICE: available on Amazon for $369.00 with FREE SHIPPING through this link right here.

The ViewSonic PJD5122 has become an Amazon bestseller, and no wonder! It offers outstanding value, performance and 3D technology. Available on Amazon for $369.00 with FREE SHIPPING. Click on pic to check it out.

As you can see, the projector is very lightweight and handy as well.  This will enable you to carry your projectors in different parts of the home or you can also bring it to your friend’s home easily. This projector will definitely deliver an outstanding value and performance to your movies. The SVGA projector can support high definition signals and projects 2500 lumens for clearer and brighter images in any lighting conditions. Very compact that you can just bring it anywhere conveniently and comfortable. You don’t have to lug around such a huge and heavy case anymore.


  • It can deliver true-color and high contrast images
  • Extensive connectivity
  • Comes with 2 RGB inputs and one RGB output
  • Eco-mode
  • Reduced fan noise
  • Extendable lamp life up to 6000 hours.
  • Comes with a PIN lock feature for more security
  • Can be put in the ceiling and tabletop

The BAD:

  • Lack of Zoom effects

Technical details:

  • 2500 Lumens and 3000
  • Digital keystone correction
  • 5 Watt Integrated speaker
  • Lamp Life: 4000/6000 hours
  • Resolution: SVGA 800 X 600 (Native)/ SXGA 1280 X 1024 (compressed)
  • Hardware platform: PC
  • 26. 4 cm W x 22.5 cm Depth x 9.6 cm H X 2.3 KG weight

The projector is perfect for conference and other business meetings which will require a projector for a more understanding on the PowerPoint presentation. It can also be used in classrooms for lectures, project presentations and auditorium presentations. Also, for mobile presentations and home entertainment. The projector can be used anywhere and that’s what makes it even more perfect. You don’t need to buy separate projectors for a particular use because this projector is definitely an all-in-one.

You may be able to find more information and more reviews from the Internet. However, there are many people who are pleased with this projector and this made their life easier and more fun. It comes in an affordable price as well that will fit the average budget of people who are looking for projectors. The ViewSonic PJD5122 SVGA DLO Projector is a profitable investment for the future.

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What are the best projectors in the market today?

There are a lot of projectors out in the market today; however, some people are of course in the look for the best projectors.  Since famous brands are offering projectors it can sometimes be confusing to find the best. Before anything else, you should first know your budget. Knowing your budget when looking for a projector will help you find the best one that will rightly fit your budget.

This super efficient projector from Epson offers excellent image quality and Eco features. Available on Amazon for $451.54. Click on pic for more details.

Once you know your budget, it is time for you to look at some projectors of different brands and different models. Make sure that the model you will choose will rightly fit the requirements of the room you will be using the projector on. The projector’s optics can is the one that produces the image size you will need from a distance. However, projectors with high optical zoom are more desirable especially if you will be using it in different locations. When choosing a projector also know that the presence of vertical and horizontal image shifting is very essential because this will allow you to place the projector above, to the side or below of the center of your screen without affecting or distorting the shape of the image.

This projector from Sonic has become an Amazon bestseller, and no wonder! It offers outstanding value, performance and 3D technology. Available on Amazon for $369.00 with FREE SHIPPING. Click on pic to check it out.

Projectors without optical image shifting will provide you a feature that is often called the keystone correction. This digitally manipulates misshapen images to return them in their correct appearance. However, this is not really a solution especially if you want the purest image. To be able to get the best projector, you should buy a projector that has at least 2 HDMI sockets. If you’re thinking of running it in a screen, a 12v trigger output will be a good idea as well. However, if you will be using the projector in a well-lit room, choose the projector with high-brightness levels. For dark rooms, choose models with lower-brightness as this can produce a richer contrast. There are also DLP projectors that you can go for, however, these projectors have issues to look out for and that are the rainbow effect. This is where the internal color wheel cause stripes of red, green and blue that usually appears over bright parts of an image or peripheral vision.

Whether you’re looking for home or outdoors projectors, you will be able to find the best projectors if you consider first the things listed above before you go on with your purchase. This will guarantee you that you will get the best projector that will suit your requirements bet and will fit the budget you have set. Some leading brands of the best projectors are Panasonic, Epson, JVC, Sony, and Vivitek.