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Picking A Good HDMI to RCA Cable

HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is used for transmitting uncompressed digital data. Also known as an alternative to radio frequency, coaxial cable and VGA, it can carry a bandwidth of 5 Gbps. On the other hand, an RCA cable is a cable with a three colored jack and usually comes in white, yellow and red. White is for audio, red for video and yellow for composite video. An RCA cable can be connected to a variety of audio and video devices.

hdmi to rca cable
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Can you connect HDMI to an RCA cable? Yes. Since home theatres have been very well-developed, the use of RCA cable has become obsolete, but there are still some people who use RCA cables for their HDMI.

  1. An HDMI is in digital format. You will need a converter box that can upgrade separate RCA signals into a combined digital signal. You may also downgrade from HDMI to RCA, but this task will be a bit difficult. You have to check with your local hardware or electronics store as to who can supply the needs when downgrading to an RCA.
  2. Once you have figured out everything and decided whether to upgrade or downgrade your HDMI, it is time for you to connect the cables.
  3. Plug in the RCA cable (red, white, yellow) into your converter’s box. Be sure that you plug the converter in the wall. Then plug in the HDMI cable to the converter box, particularly in the video input and the other end in the video input of your television.
  4. Turn on the converter and test the connections you made. Go to the television channel that the converter requires, or press the input function to see if the changes made are working properly.

Tips about getting a good HDMI to RCA cable

It is very easy to connect an HDMI to an RCA cable but you will need the necessary items for it to work properly. It is also possible that your home theatre will downgrade to RCA, check the manual first before doing the connections.

Some HDMI are compatible with an RCA, but some home theater systems cannot be connected to an RCA cable. It is still best that before buying a home theater system, and you plan on using RCA cables in order to be able to use old monitors, you should first ask if the particular home theatre is compatible with an RCA cable.

Everything you need to know about an RCA to HDMI cable

Are you looking for an RCA to HDMI cable? Well, you will definitely find loads if you look online but before you purchase and before you get your hopes up; an RCA is used for analog signals while an HDMI is used for a digital system. Since you are looking for one, you might need to connect an RCA device to an HDMI device and you think the solution is this particular cable. However, once you get your hands on it and you connected both, it might be missing an output while it can be done successfully.

If it is missing an output, then your RCA to HDMI cable will be useless because you will need to get yourself a converter. Remember, there are some connectors that only carry Composite Video + Audio while there are some that carries RGB while others only carries Component Video. These are all not compatible with each other and they are definitely not compatible with the digital HDMI system.

You see, a simple RCA cable plugged at one end and an HDMI plugged at the other end cannot possibly work. A digital analogue box is really needed here and you have to make sure which direction you want the conversion to go. To cut this whole explanation short, an RCA to HDMI cable cannot really work without any converters.

That is also the reason why a lot of experts encourage people who looks for an RCA to HDMI cable to just but a new HDMI device because it’s cheaper and there won’t be any hassles anymore when it comes to connecting the devices. However, not all can afford it while others only need to transfer some files for a short period of time. They won’t be disappointed but their wallets will definitely be disappointed once they are about to purchase a converter, which costs more than a new HDMI DVD player and to think it will only be used once.

Aside from this, the ‘hassle’ begins when you are in the search for an RCA to HDMI cable. Sure, there are plenty of these cables online but how do you know if that cable will work and how sure are you that the seller is reliable? Even if you purchase from a reliable seller, it’ll still be a hassle since there is a big chance that you will need to purchase a converter that will cost you more or less $50. SO, should you really take the time in finding an RCA to HDMI cable or just get yourself a new device?

Micro HDMI to RCA cable

Are you looking for a micro HDMI to RCA cable? First of all, you must first know the basics first. An RCA works as an analog signal while HDMI is digital. What this means? You will need to convert between and a simple cable cannot do that. However, there are some cables that you can find today, which are fake, so you have to be very careful when you’re purchasing. Aside from this, converter boxes work based on price, which means that if you buy an expensive one you will definitely get good quality.

Some people recommend people to just get an HDMI cable, rather than troubling yourself in finding a micro HDM to RCA cable. However, not all people can afford this and sometimes, some only need it for a short period of time. So, if you are really looking for a micro HDMI to RCA cable, you can search online and you will be surprised to find a lot of cables online. However, as mentioned above, fake ones are all over the Internet as well, so you must really be careful when buying online.

A micro HDMI is preferred these days because of its size, which is smaller than a standard HDMI connector but is packed with all the features and functionality of a standard HDMI, which supports high speed transmission that is up to 4k resolution, 3D and Ethernet compatibility that you can enjoy in a micro size. For a micro HDMI to RCA cable, there are different types that you can choose from. Each cable supports different types of systems.

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Looking for a micro HDMI to RCA cable can be such a tedious task these days because of the many unreliable websites out there that are obviously selling fake ones. Also, buying online is the number one option of many because this is the easiest way to find this particular cable but this is also the trickiest part of all. Since buying online doesn’t guarantee you that the cable will work on the devices you plan to use it with, it’s a risk and you must be willing to take that risk. That is why as much as possible, everyone is encouraged to do their research and to only purchase from reputable websites online when looking for this specific cable. Consider yourself lucky if you find one in an electronics store. So, you also have to check out your local or electronic/electrical store for micro HDMI to RCA cables.

Mini HDMI to RCA Cable Guide

If you bought a new gadget, maybe a camera, this will come with a mini HDMI cables in order for you to be able to transfer the pictures to your laptop or computer or to be able to watch videos on your Television. However, not everyone has an HD TV or a laptop that supports HDMI. This is where RCA cables will come in. How will you connect your mini HDMI to RCA in order to transfer pictures or videos from your camera to your laptop?

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Connecting mini HDMI should be connected with the use of an RCA adapter especially if your laptop or TV does not support HDMI. Connect the mini HDMI to an RCA cable, that’s all you need to do in order to be able to transfer pictures or videos from an HDMI device to an RCA device. There is also Mini HDMI to RCA cables that you can purchase in order for you not to go through the process of converting especially if you don’t have any ideas when it comes to this matter.

Good Yet Inexpensive Micro HDMI to RCA Cables

There are cables in the market today that have a micro HDMI connection on one end and an RCA connection on the other. Contrary to public opinion, Micro HDMI to RCA is possible.

Micro HDMI is not compatible with USB. Nevertheless, the use of this connection is to enable the HD device to connect to a non-HD device. This is where the RCA cable connection comes into play. As stated earlier, there are micro HDMI to RCA cables that can be purchased and there is no need for converter box.

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You might want to check for availability of this type of cable. Amazon usually sells new and used items at affordable prices.

Technology has really improved a lot. Fortunately, it is still possible to connect older devices to the new ones that are being released in the entertainment and electronics market. Micro HDMI to RCA cables will be a big help, especially if you just need to stream videos or images from your phone to a non-HD device such as an old monitor or TV screen. Micro HDMI is often found in mobile phones. Using a micro HDMI to RCA connection is the most convenient way to use your phone to connect to an old device. Some Android-based phones have a micro HDMI port. This enables the user to watch videos from the phone to a screen. But what happens if the screen does not support high definition media interfaces? This is where micro HDMI to RCA comes in. The connection will enable the smart phone to interface with the unsupported device without difficulty.

Android-based phones are one of the first phones to use micro HDMI and they have been very popular and widely sold in electronics and gadget shops recently. The popularity of these phones made people ask how they can connect a micro HDMI to RCA since not every one has a high definition screen.

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How to Convert HDMI to RCA

Since HDs are the latest trend today, these come with HDMI that older devices can’t support. However, some people usually buy the HD TVs but their DVD players are still the same. So how do you convert HDMI to RCA?

To convert HDMI to RCA:

  • Connect your HDMI video cable output to the HDMI input. Connect an RCA video cable from the composite output of the device to the RCA of your device.
  • Plug in your HDMI output of a Gefen TV GTV-HDMI-2-COMPSVIDSHDMIto composite Scaler.
  • Connect the HDMI to an RCA composite input.

This is pretty complicated especially to people who doesn’t know anything when it comes to connecting cables, the best way to do is ask a person who knows about this or where you bought the HD from. You can make this pretty easy just by reading everything and following instructions; another way to make this easier is to familiarize yourself with HDMI especially if you’re planning to buy one. You should know how to convert HDMI to RCA especially if you have old devices that you will use with your HD.

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HDMI to RCA cables and converters are available on Amazon. Click on the pic for more details.

Buying HD these days can be pretty expensive and not everyone can have their home or entertainment room equipped with HDs. Converting your HDMI to RCA will put new and old together and can still be useful. Some people connect their HDMIs to and RCA via a converter box or a converter cable. It actually depends. Listed above are the How to’s.

Converter box and converter cables can be found thru the Internet for more options, you could also go to for variety. These are very affordable too so don’t you fret. Before purchasing any of these converter cables, make sure that it can support your device because some converter cables can’t support some game consoles, TVs and personal computers. So read the information before clicking on that purchase button, you don’t want to want to spend on something that you will only find out in the end that it’s not compatible.

So connect that old device with your new HD device and have the best of both worlds. As I’ve said, Hds can get pretty expensive but with this way, converting HDMI to RCA, you can still use that old VCR or that old TV or even connect that HD gadget to an old device in order to transfer pictures and videos. Very convenient, right?

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How To Choose Good HDMI to RCA Cables

HDMI is the newest development in technology today, and who wouldn’t want this high-quality digital pictures right in your own home? But not everyone can avail straight HDs meaning, HD TVs, HD DVD players and other HD devices. Most people have HD TVs in their homes but they are still using their old DVD players. However, HDMI cannot be connected in an old device, so you will need to use a converter box to convert HDMI to RCA and for you to be able to use your old devices with your new ones.

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Since HDMI is in digital format, you will need a converter box to separate the RCA video/audio signals and have it combined to a digital signal. You can also convert it from HDMI to RCA. Once all the cables are in place, it is time for you to make the connections. Connect the red, white and yellow RCA cables to the converter box. Connect the HDMI cable to the video input and the other end into the HDMI video of your device. Once you’ve done everything, test it and if everything’s fine then you did the connection right.

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Following these simple steps will help you when it comes to your old devices and HD devices to work. These connections will put these devices in to use so you won’t need to buy more HDs that will cost you a lot of money. These HDs are pretty expensive and not anyone can buy all the HDs that are coming out in the market and being released by different electronics companies.

There will be of course, some changes in the quality of the pictures but the difference is it’s not that noticeable and is tolerable. There is also another way to convert HDMI to an RCA; there are cable converter cables out there that you can purchase thru the Internet. These cables don’t need any converter box and all you have to do is to connect the HDMI to RCA and you’re set. These converter cables are also very affordable and convenient.

There are also adapter that can be used in order to connect these RCA to an HDMI and make use of old devices. It is up to you on how you will connect your HDMI to an RCA. Whatever suits you best, these tips are proven effective and won’t cost you a lot of money except for the HD.

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HDMI to RCA Converter Cable

Our technology today has made another new improvement to our electronic devices and gadgets and that is the use of HD or High Definition Multimedia Interface. These electronic gadgets don’t come cheap, so for average people, they can’t buy everything all at once. Others will just buy a new HD TV but with an old DVD player. In this case, since the television only supports HDMI, you can still connect HDMI cables to an RCA converter cable in order for both devices to be used at the same time.

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When you want to have an RCA device connected to an HDMI device, all you have to do is get yourself an RCA converter cable connector. There are a lot of these in the market now and very affordable.

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Another option for those who want to have a hassle free connection without needing a converter box. This is very affordable but this cable cannot be connected to your PC or TV.

More and more people prefer these RCA converter cables than converting everything with the use of a converter box. It is pretty obvious why, because they want to have a convenient way of connecting their devices without complicated instructions.

For a variety of HDMI to RCA converter cables, visit to find the best converter cables with best prices that will suit you best. These cables are pretty easy because all you have to do is to connect the other end of the cables to your HD TV or any devices that used HDMI then the other end to the low-end devices without HDMI and ta-da, all set!

Before buying RCA cable converters, it is very essential that you read the whole information because some converter cables don’t support other devices. So read, in order for you to avoid wasting money for something you can’t use. Some converter cables cannot be connected to some game consoles, personal computers and Televisions. So don’t just click the purchase button, read the whole information or if you want to be really clear with everything, you can contact the seller so everything will be clear for both of you and no one will regret anything in the end.

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Finding A Good HDMI to RCA Adapter

HDMI to RCA cables and converters are available on Amazon. Click on the pic for more details.

Many of us have RCA cables especially it is only these recent years that the HDMI evolved and released in the market, since a lot of us have bought HD home theatres, we just can’t let go of our old TVs especially if it’s still in good condition. Now there are a lot of questions on HDMI to RCA adapter. How do they do this and is it possible?

HDMI to RCA adapter is indeed very possible. In order for the HDMI to work, an adapter will help the HDMI to be connected to the RCA. With this you can enjoy your HDs while the cables are connected with the use of an RCA adapter. Still, there are still some people who take comfort from using their RCA cables even with HDMI.

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In order to accomplish the connection between HDMI to RCA, different parts of the signal should be split across different RCA cables and to be able to do this, you will need an RCA adapter to connect both cables to its converter box. People believed that with an HDMI, the display is superior however, in most cases; RCA cables can display a better picture than a digital connection. This is also the same with HDMI.

How do you connect HDMI to an RCA adapter?

  • You should connect the HDMI end of the HDMI-RCA cable to the HDMI input device.
  • The red RCA plug should be connected to the red slot on the RCA device.
  • The yellow RCA plug to the red slot on yellow RCA device.
  • Then connect the RCA plug to the white slot on white RCA device.

That is just how quick and easy it is. Nowadays, technology has been developing a lot of gadgets such as Blu Ray DVDs that will make you feel like watching it in a movie theatre even if you’re only at home. The connection of HDMI to RCA adapter will really help because all these Blu Ray DVD players cannot support old Television sets. This way, you can still use that Blu ray DVD player with your old television set. This is the same if you have an old DVD player but you have a new HD TV, connecting the HDMI cables to an RCA adapter in order for both devices to work. There will be a slight change on the display of course but it will still look good.

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