Looking for a good Kickboxing Workout Dvd?

There are many kinds of workouts these days that are so heart pumping you sweat in matter of minutes and these workouts can be seen and readily available if kickboxing workout dvd. These dvds are known for its high powered, high intensity and hard pumping kickboxing workouts that will not only help make you sweat those unhealthy pounds but it will help you tone your muscles as well. If you don’t like to workout in your gym and attend kickboxing class, then these kickboxing workout dvds will surely help you a lot even if you are going to perform it in the comfort of your home.

10 Minute Solution – Kickbox Boot camp

Keli Roberts is the instructor in this high powered and high intensity kickboxing workout dvd. She developed 5 powerful and effective kickboxing workouts. You will find in this video that she divided the workouts into 5 basic movements: basic training which is a high intensity calorie busting workout, ultimate buns & thighs to help you get a tight and sexier toned lower body, arm & shoulder sculptor, washboard abs and fat burning blast to help you shed more pounds fast. Keli Roberts is one of the best instructors since you will find her motivating you all throughout the video which will surely pushed you to reach your limit!

Billy Blanks Tae Bo – Fat Blasting Cardio & Total Body Fat Blaster

This kickboxing workout dvd has high powered and difficult workouts. It is also suggested that you use the Billy bands for maximum results. This specific collection has one of the most powerful fat burning and muscle building workouts ever! You will surely gets your money’s worth on this one!

Crunch – Super Charged Kick box Party

Now this one will give you all the kickboxing moves accompanied by some great dance moves which are both fun and effective in losing weight. Instructor Jeanette Jenkins makes burning calories a lot of fun and easy through her dancing moves. You will still have those punches and kicks only with more fun because you will get to do some simple but groovy dance steps!

Fat Burning Kickboxing Workout for Dummies

If you haven’t tried any kickboxing workouts before then this kickboxing workout dvd is perfect for you. This dvd will teaches you all the important basic steps about this hard pumping workout. Even if you are going to learn the basics, you will still get to burn calories and build lean but strong muscles in no time at all.

Amy Bento – Kick box Xtreme

This kickboxing workout dvd will help tone your upper and lower body muscles. The workouts are hard pumping and have high intensity level but Amy Bento will teach you all the moves that you will easily understand even if you are a beginner. Though the moves are a bit complicated, you will surely get used to it in no time at all. This kickboxing workout dvd will surely help you burn calories fast and attain your ideal weight in no time!

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  1. Kickboxing Fairfax VA

    Kickboxing includes the kicks of martial arts, bodyweight resistance exercises, plyometrics, and advanced core routines. It is a whole-body workout that is cardiovascular in nature but concentrates on the lower body and the core. The result is a program that will increase your fitness level and make you lean and tone. It is worth to try work out for all ages.


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