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Everything About Teepee Tents

Almost everyone loves camping. For your camping trips, nothing beats having teepee tents. We all need to take a breather once in a while, especially if we’ve been living in the city. A fresh atmosphere will be the best remedy for stress. If you have kids, they will appreciate camping as well, especially if you have a teepee tent to make them comfortable during nap time.

A teepee tent has been known since the early years of the world. It has been used by the early Native Americans. Entire villages use teepee tents, which also act as their home. Nowadays, this particular tent can be seen in some museums. It looks like normal tents, but it actually has a large pointed roof, sometimes measuring up to 4 feet and comes with a large door. These tents are very spacious and can fit entire families inside.

There are different types of teepee tents. Some of these tents can’t be used outdoors but best used as play toys for children and hence, many kids’ tents shouldn’t be used for camping. There is also the classic style called as canvass teepee. It has the classic look and feel of what Native Americans used in their villages a long time ago. Another is the giant tipi tent. A giant tipi tent is 8 feet high and large enough to fit the entire family. It has polyester walls that feature Indian designs as well as polyester floor that is very easy to clean. It can be set up and taken down effortlessly as well.

The tipi camping tents have redeeming qualities. Some tipi tents that are designed for camping are made out of canvas or polyester, making then an excellent shelter for rain, hail and anything that nature will likely throw.

These tents will surely give you the best time when relaxing or during playtime. Your kids will love tipi tents. For more options and a variety of choices, you can find these tents through the Internet. You can also visit your local outdoor or camping store. Moreover, teepee tents will give you shelter and a comfortable time during camping.

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Guide Gear Teepee Tent

Guide Gear Teepee Tent is at the peak of camping comfort. The best thing about this is you can save a lot of money without the quality being sacrificed. Its ageless design meets contemporary convenience. Their teepee tents may look old-fashioned but in reality, their tents host a lot of modern features that makes these tents awesome!

A Guide Gear teepee tent is construced of heavy-duty, lightweight, waterproofed polyester to brilliantly weather wind and precipitation. Its peak-style construction affords a lot of interior room. Its windows are covered in mesh that allows the air to circulate which will keep your car fresh. Aside from this, their teepee tents come in different sizes. There is the 10×10′ and 18×18′ sizes that you can choose from.

The Guide Gear teepee tent is waterproof with its 190-denier polyester shell which is very lightweight and rugged. Its weatherproofed windows are gress and its sewn-in polyethylene floor. Its center steel pole adds more durability. You will also love its factory-sealed seams for superior hold and seal. For excellent weather resistance, its 1,000mm polyurethane coating will protect you from all types of weather.

If you purchase a Guide Gear teepee tent, it comes with stakes and black/silver pull-through guy ropes that will help prevent you from tripping in the dark. Aside from this, it comes with instructions that will help you put it up. Its rain-protected ventilation in peak and multiple ground air vents for breathable comfort is always a great feature. It is very comfortable, lots of space and very convenient!

The Guide Gear teepee tent is one of the best tents for families or group of friends who plan to go on a camping trip! You will definitely love it.

Aside from these wonderful features the Guide Gear teepee tent holds, it has also gained a lot of good reviews from a lot of customers who were able to purchase a Guide Gear teepee tent. They seem very happy with their purchase and they are very happy with the item as well. In fact, most of them say how lucky they were to purchase this particular teepee tent, it’s so worth it!

All About Tunnel Tents

Tunnel tents are an excellent choice for campers who wish to bring a lightweight tent but still very roomy and doesn’t come with too many poles. When you are looking for a tunnel tent in the market, look for a tent that is well-made that can withstand the rigors of any camping site without being too heavy. On the other hand, if you will be camping under extreme weather conditions, you will need extra poles and guy lines.

Tunnel tents are well-known because they are very lightweight and one can choose one that is too heavy for his or her needs if you don’t get your options right. Going for a tent with aluminum poles will be much lighter than tents that use fiberglass poles. Also, a tent with a mesh inner wall or canopy will weigh lighter than those made of nylon and polyester. If you want to find the best tunnel tent for you, go for something that won’t weigh down your pack.

Where to find tunnel tents

However, you should know that these tunnel tents are not the most common type of tent so it will be quite difficult for you to find one. There are smaller tunnel tents at sporting goods stores but if you will need a tunnel tent that can accommodate a few persons, you should go to higher-end sporting goods stores or visit a specialty camping retailer.

How much are tunnel tents?

Its cost varies according to its size and material. Usually, you will find a single-person tents at $90 up to $200. if you visit higher-end sporting good stores, prices usually start from $160 to $500. If you’re looking for single person tunnel tents, prices start at $250 and for two-person tents, prices start at $400.

When it comes to tunnel tents, you must have all the necessary accessories with you. In order to purchase the right accessories, you must be able to determine the weather condition and the camping site. If it looks like it’s going to rain, get yourself a rainfly to protect your tent and for camping sites under high winds, more lines will be great to ensure that your tent doesn’t blow down or even away. Lastly, if you’re camping on the ground, get yourself a tarp to go under your tent.


Teepee Tents for Camping

Teepee tents for camping lets you be different. We all know that most campers today stick to the traditional tents because of its advantages and convenience. However, teepee tents have made history and they are now more advanced and convenient. In fact, most people still think that this particular type of tent is still the most comfortable and stable tent that one can use during camping trips. You might also be surprised to know that these teepee tents have become so stylish, more comfortable and more convenient. Here are the reasons why:

Cath Kidston Cowboy Teepee Tent

Who would ever think that a designer like Cath Kidston will design a tent? However, we all know that she has always had a distinctive range of camping gear and this particular tent is above all others. It is very luxurious and it can sleep up to three people. In fact, it is large enough and there is a red flag at the center of the “roof” of the teepee tent. There are also matching sleeping bags that will let you sleep in style. This is considered to be one of the best teepee tents for camping today.

Outwell Indian Lake Tipi Tent

This is the father of the Teepee tents today. It can sleep up to siz people and it has four panoramic windows with roll down curtains. It’s not just a for show with its roof vent that creates a cooling effect. Aside from these wonderful features (yes, there’s more!), there is an adjoining porch which is such a useful feature with its detachable bathtub of groundsheet and it will pitch flysheet first or as one and it is only supported by just one telescopic alloy poll. It stands at over three meters high and it has two bedrooms with an adjoining living area. However, this is not suitable for extreme camping expeditions and it weighs 36kg, it is fairly heavy but its cotton canvas will be a perfect summer tent.

Tesco 12 Man Teepee

If you are on a budget yet you want to get a teepee tent that can fit a lot of people, this one will be perfect. It can fit 12 people inside and it is very comfortable.

These are some of the best teepee tents for camping today. You might be very surprised with all these new wonderful facts about teepee tents today. Don’t you just want to have one for yourself? You will surely enjoy it and it will be a great bonding experience for you and your family!

Best Tents for Camping

Do you love camping or are you planning to go on a camping trip? Either way, a camping tent is very important. Campers today are still looking for the best tents for camping while newbies want the same thing. There are different types of camping tents that you can choose from and knowing these different types will let you know the best camping tent for you.

  1. A-Frame Camping Tent – this type of camping tent is very simple and light. It requires staking to hold it down. Its sloping walls makes headroom at a premium. Strong winds stability can often be a factor with this type.
  2. Modified A Frame – this tent type is very similar to the A frame, the only difference is that this is the modified version. There is a center hoop pole or a ridgeline pole or curved sidewalls to make more space and more stability.
  3. Dome – this comes in various shapes, sizes and pole configurations. This is a freestanding type of tent that comes with arched ceilings.
  4. Freestanding – this particular type of tent does not require stakes. It has vestibules outside the sleeping portion of the tent. It is easy to pitch and you can move it around very easily because there is no staking involved.
  5. Hoop/Tunnel – tube type tents that involves staking.
  6. Pyramid/Teepee Tents– this is the oldest type of tent in existence. It consists a rain fly with or without a canopy and it is supported by a center pole. Just like most tents, this must be staked to the ground.
  7. Single Wall and Double Wall – traditional tent that is a double wall tent that uses an inner canopy that serves as the sleeping area while having a rain fly to keep the water from rain at bay. It uses just one layer for doing both jobs. It is very light and some type models have vents or a partial fly to keep the air circulation good and to reduce the possibility of condensation.
  8. Wedge – this type of tent is higher at one end to the other. The head portion is higher than the foot portion. The whole idea is to have it pitched with the low end into the wind for the best aerodynamics.

Now, you know the different types of tents and you have bigger chances to get the best tents for camping. Since there are many types, when you are choosing among them, you must always consider the weather condition and the area where you will camp out.

Paha Que Fiberglass Pole Tepee Shower and Outhouse Tent review

The Paha Que Fiberglass Pole Tepee Shower and Outhouse Tent is ideal for you camping trips with friends and family. Being in the woods mean you won’t have access to a bathroom and this particular tepee tent provides a portable bathroom to make your camping trip convenient.


Available on Amazon for $159.99 with FREE SHIPPING. Click on pic for details.

This shower and outhouse tent is fully functional portable restroom, shower or privacy shelter for changing clothes. It can be stowed away easily in its oversized zippered carry back that measures by 8 x 26 inch with a handy shoulder strap and has a carry weight of 10 pounds. One person can easily set this up with the use of the shockcorded fibreglass poles.


  • Loaded with a lot of useful features
  • No-see-um mesh roof for proper ventilation
  • Removable mesh gear attic that can be suspended overhead to hold a shower bag or toiletries
  • Zippered gear-access portals on all 3 sides for hanging your towel and still be able to reach it from inside the tepee.
  • It also comes with a wet and dry storage pockets inside to keep all your shower accessories neatly intact and organizer.
  • It also comes with a removable floor which will allow you to use shower on any terrain and it can be removed for use on grass.
  • Removable rainfly has 2 clear panels to allow solar heating of a shower bag during sunny days
  • Also comes with full set of adjustable and reflective guylines
  • 2 complete sets of ground stakes to accommodate any ground conditions you will likely encounter in the woods.
  • Easy to transport
  • All sets are shock corded for ease of set-up and storage

The BAD:

  • it may be a bit on the heavy side but it’s worth it


  • 67” vertical walls
  • 54” x 54” floor measurement
  • 94” Peak height
  • 10 pounds weight
  • YKK-compatible nylon coil for zippers

Paha Que is known to produce high-quality family camping tents and one is this portable outhouse which have been sold to many because it is very convenient especially those who loves to go camping during the weekends. This is one of the most essential thing that you can bring with you during your camping trips because this will keep you fresh and will give you enough privacy when you need to clean yourself up because of the mud and the debris that you have gone through just to get to that particular spot. The Paha Que Fiberglass Pole Tepee Shower and Outhouse tent is very brilliantly done and constructed.

Available on Amazon for $159.99 with FREE SHIPPING through this link right here.

How To Make A Teepee

A teepee is well known as being a movable home. It is very spacious and can’t be easily blown away by strong winds. You can also burn a fire inside because it is self-ventilating. It’s perfect for cold weather, and you can still be comfortable inside.

Here are some simple steps on how to make a teepee (10-feet).

  1. In the shape of a half circle and twice as long as its width, trim the canvas of the teepee. 15 x 30 feet is the recommended size. Cut 2 smoke flaps right in the center of the canvas.
  2. To make a circular door opening, cut a half circle door opening onto each end of the canvas. A circular door opening is made because each end of the canvas will be brought together. Hem a pocket into it and insert a heavy stick which will hold the door closed and hem it to the canvas of the teepee.
  3. Three cornered pieces of canvas must be constructed. Sew them to the tip of the smoke flaps that you have created. An extra canvas must be used to reinforce areas of the smoke flaps, where there will usually be larger amounts of strain.
  4. By this time, a rope should be hemmed around the circular base found at the bottom of the canvas. The space rope loops must be equal. Have it pegged down to the teepee. The rope must now be attached at the top to lash the cover to the poles when the teepee is standing.
  5. At least 12 poles that are 3 feet longer than the teepee cover should be in place as well. The teepee cover must be wide. This needs to be straight and smooth.
  6. In a tripod, make 3 of the strongest poles. Tie them together a little higher. Rest the remainder of the poles against the tripod to form a cone shape.
  7. The cover is now to be pulled around the frame and have it fastened at the top with wooden pegs. Peg the bottom of the cover to the ground and spread the poles to stretch the cover. 2 light poles must be inserted into the pockets of the smoke flaps as this will act as a chimney which will create draught.

It’s pretty simple as long as you have the right tools and this article for reference. It will also save you more money instead of buying one. If you can do it, why not?

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Peepee Teepee review

Pee Pee Teepee will provide moms and even dads an easier time when changing baby’s nappy. Let’s face it; it is very unavoidable not to get wet because of babies wee especially when changing his nappy. This pee pee teepee will be a lifesaver because this is a tent-like device that is used to cover your baby’s penis during the very challenging diaper changes and preventing you from getting sprayed by his pee. No more smelling like wee or have it go directly in your mouth (which can be really disgusting even if he’s your kid, like c’mon, who wants some wee inside their mouths?) this is also very useful during strolling and family outings especially if you’ve forgotten to bring a spare of clothes.

This product comes in a set of five teepees made from terry-lined cotton for absorbability. Each product has a laundry bag which can contain used ones.  It is washable which is very convenient so you need not buy anymore once you have some, it can be washed through hand or machine. This also comes in different designs and colors which will be perfect for your little ones!

We all know that changing a baby boy can be tricky! New moms will be surprised that the stories are true, it may sound funny but once you’re in the situation you can’t help but to search for a solution for this. Good thing there is a solution now which makes mothers more comfortable and at-ease when changing their little boys that can sometimes get rowdy during nappy changes. The good thing is it’s 100 percent cotton so you don’t have to worry about rashes!

Great gift for a baby shower! This Peepee Teepee set of 5 comes in cute baby blue washable cotton. Available on Amazon for $9.01. Click on pic for more details.

If you’re looking for pee pee teepees and you can’t find one in your local baby stores, you might as well check the Internet. The Internet will give you more options and you get to choose from a lot of cute designs which will be perfect for your little boy. This can’t be used by girls and strictly for boys only! We don’t have problems with girls, right? In fact, there’s a big difference when changing a girl’s nappy compared with changing a boy’s nappy. Both may get rowdy but the boy only has the ability to spray us with wee.

This product is really a lifesaver! No more rushing to change baby’s nappy because he might spray us with his wee, instead it will give you a more comfortable time with no rushing when changing baby’s nappy. You will also be confident enough to change him in public places without the fear of getting sprayed by wee in your clothes and in a public place! Pee pee teepee is the best creation ever for baby boys in regards with nappy changes.

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Great Teepees For Sale

Looking for teepees for sale to accommodate your outdoor trip? A teepee, also called a tipi or a tepee (yes, it has a lot of names and spellings) is a conical tent originally made of animal skin or birch barkas and was popularized by the Native Americans, as these were their homes in the old days. In fact, the teepee has been known to be the best movable home. Did you know that teepees can come in very large sizes and can house a handful of furniture inside? Yes! That’s how convenient the teepee is. Nowadays, you can have it in your backyard or you can set it up for your kid to act as his or her little home outside your home. This will definitely give your kid a lot of fun. It can also be used for gatherings if you invited friends over and you want a little privacy or change of environment.

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Great Value! This 6' Teepee is available on Amazon for $106.54 with FREE SHIPPING. Click on pic for more details.

There are a lot of teepees for sale that you can choose from. In fact, going through the Internet and searching for it will give you thousands of search results. This has become very popular, especially during camping trips as it allows the campers to have a more comfortable time when sleeping outdoors. It is also weather resistant. It can withstand any type of weather. The fact that you can even put a single bed inside it is very convenient, but of course, you don’t want to go camping carrying a bed and its frame. Maybe a thin cushion and a few portable pillows will help and will give you a more comfortable time.

Although these teepees are very affordable, the price also varies depending on the size and design. You will need to check if the size can easily accommodate the people who will be using it. The design may be a minor issue but if you want to have a pleasant teepee, then this should matter. If you plan on getting one for your kid, the design must be considered, especially if you will be using it for parties. However, the plain colored ones that typically come in off-white are the best sellers because it is their standard color.

You may also go to different forums that talk about tents such as teepees. This way you will have more knowledge and information when it comes to different teepees for sale through the Internet or in your local outdoor equipment stores.

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Where to find the best teepee tents for sale

There are many teepee tents for sale out there. This particular tent comes in different styles. Also, this was first used by the Native Americans and these tents acted as their homes in their villages. A tent-like lodging made of animal skins or birch mark and used by American Indians or the Great Plaines.

One teepee for sale is the Dexton Great Plains 12’ – this teepee tent is a Dexton authentic and is made of cotton canvas. It is water repellent and fire and this is ideal for kids as well. Very easy to set-up and can be used indoor or outdoor. Available on Amazon for $256.61 with FREE SHIPPING through this link right here.

12’ Cotton Canvas teepee – this particular teepee tent can accommodate at least 4 adults or a slumber party for kids. This can easily be set up through an entry with the help of a double-flap door. It is also customizable with acrylic paints.

Dexton Eco 6’ Teepee for sale – this teepee tent is decorated with natural colors and will also provide your kids a healthy environment for your kids’ enjoyment. They will surely appreciate the lively colors. It comes in 4-panel for easy setup and is ideal as well for outside fun. Available on Amazon for $106.54 with FREE SHIPPING through this link right here.

Giant teepee – this will definitely be very spacious and will definitely give your kids a fun time.

There are different types of teepee tents for sale that you won’t have any problems finding one through the Internet. This kind of tent is very reliable during camping trips as well as kid parties or it can just be placed for children’s play time. These teepees come in different prices depending on the style and the size.

If you want a wide shelter when you’re camping with your family, this particular tent will work best for you and you can find a lot of these tents for sale through the Internet. These tents are also manufactured by different brands that supply other outdoor equipments as well. If you want to get the best teepee tent, you can ask for referrals or you can go to different forums that talks about this kind of tents. You won’t be disappointed as there are many outdoor enthusiasts and families that have been using this kind of tent for quite a long time.

When looking for teepee tents for sale, consider these things:

  • Know your budget and stick with it
  • List down your requirements
  • Go for the most durable one
  • Do your research through the Internet
  • Mae sure that the tent can accommodate everyone who will be using the tent

Finding teepee tents for sale may be easy but finding the best one will need you to considers some of the things that are listed above.

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