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The beauty of antique dining room chairs

Your dining table will not be useful without dining chairs and what better way to use as dining chairs but antique dining room chairs. If you love antiques or you appreciate furniture that were able to last through the years, then antique dining room chairs are the best fit for you.

There are a lot of antique dining room chairs in the market today. Various unique designs await those who wish to purchase antique dining room chairs for their home. Such dining room chairs will give your dining room a different and unique atmosphere.

Buying antique dining room chairs

When it comes to buying antique dining room chairs, there are a lot of shops that offer antique dining room chairs. In fact, there is wide selection that you can choose from and you can choose according to your taste. Also, antique dining room chairs are favored by artists and antique collectors because of its high artistic value that most dining room chairs being sold in the market today don’t achieve it at all. Antique goods, whether chairs, car and other objects should always have a great artistic value as this will encourage and make you realize how valuable that antique object or furniture is.

Aside from this, it is also a known fact that antique dining room chairs can provide more comfort to your dining room. Aside from its timeless beauty, it will definitely give you the comfort that you need that not all dining room chairs being produced today can provide.

Tips when buying antique dining room chairs

When it comes to antique dining room chairs, the price varies, depending on the style, rarity, condition and history. However, you can assure that these antique dining room chairs have been around for a hundred years or more. Buying reproduced antique chairs will have a depreciated value. So, if you got the money, go for genuine antique dining room chairs instead of settling for replicas which do not come with too much value.

Antique dining room chairs

Upholstered chairs techniques

Thinking of having those chairs upholstered? Then here is a simple guide for you regarding the techniques used. It is very important that you know about this as this can help you choose the right one that will suit your needs and wants. You see, these chairs have ingrained inner spring systems and for it to be totally covered with your fabric of choice, your upholstered chairs can offer you comfort and luxury at the same time.

Upholstered chairs are designed to give comfort to your lifestyle and the way you want to seat yourself and your guests. Such chairs are invested in for offices and homes. These chairs have soft paddings that can take a lot of stress of and the joints and frame of these chairs are personalized to coil or cone system. This is because of its quality ingrained system that comprises eight-way and manually designed cone springs for extra comfort and support. The system within will make the chairs very comfortable and adequate for any set interior décor.

These upholstered chairs are designed with a lot of care. The technique used in the frame also involves the cone springs all together to the base. For the tops, these are tied together to give the chairs the ability to allow side-to-side movement alongside the regular up and down. These chairs may come at a price but is it very reasonable. The price depends on the ingrained spring system and your preferred fabric. Also, this is a great value for money because the fabric pulled around the framework comes with a guarantee.

For the other frame work, there is the very muscular wire spring. The zigzag wire frame runs parallel to th elining to form rectangular bends and angles. There is another technique that you can look for which is the grid suspension system. Such system employs the use of a wire grid which can be covered with plastic-coated wire.

Queen Anne chair

There is such magnificent beauty in a Queen Anne chair. If you are a fan of historical furniture pieces, then you would definitely love Queen Anne chairs. Why it is called Queen Anne chairs? It is because it is inspired by the Queen Anne style which is characterized by cabriole legs and curvilinear lines. An improvement of the William and Mary style which was used in the 17th century in most royal households. There are different types of Queen Anne chairs.

Types of a Queen Anne chair

One type of Queen Anne chair are dining chairs. In fact, this is the most popular type the evokes the style of Queen Anne. These chairs have intricate lines designed on the chair’s back support. There are also recliners that come in the style of Queen Anne. Such recliners have cabriole legs that are padded for easy movement and without scratching the chair’s material on the floor. There is also a wide assortment of fabrics and materials used for such chairs from leather to canvass, you can choose the fabric of your choice.

There is also a Queen Anne chair that comes in the form on lounge chairs. A popular option among a lot of homeowners. The slipper chairs in the Queen Anne style can serve as accent pieces in the living room but also used in offices for seating. Lastly, there are the console chairs if you feel like royalty while watching TV. These are very comfortable and pleasing to the eyes.

The Queen Anne chair has managed to survive despite the many new innovations in furniture designs. In fact, there are still a lot of furniture makers that specialize in this particular style. It is also made of different materials and are often elaborately crafted to stay true to its original style.

Leather dining chairs

In the dining room, the primary furniture is the first to get noticed by guests and that is the dining table and dining chairs. Leather furniture is gaining popularity today because of the sophistication it brings in the dining area and because of this, more and more home owners are getting leather dining chairs for a touch of sophistication.

Different styles of leather dining chairs

Today, there are a lot of high quality dining chairs on the market these days, you can find antique leather dining chairs to retro style chairs and to the modern day leather dining chairs. If you feel like your dining room looks dull and is lacking of style and fashion, then a touch of leather to your dining chairs will surely enhance the whole look and feel of the room.

There are many styles and materials that are used to make leather dining chairs. The most popular is the Cognac leather which is genuine cow hide leather with a hard wood frame and comes with a high density foam for extreme comfort.

Leather dining chairs also come in different colors. The usual colors are black and cream/white. However, if you are more experimental and adventurous, there are lively colors such as red, green and even pastel colors such as pink and blue. However, choosing colors beyond neutral shades can be tricky as the colors should blend with the whole dining room, not just the dining table. You surely don’t want your primary dining furniture to look awkward in a room where it really should be.

Finding leather dining chairs

Finding leather dining chairs is easier than before, because of the wide selection due to its popularity. The growing number of consumers who purchase leather dining chairs urges manufacturers to produce more and create new designs made of new materials. As they say, leather is the trend now. Instead of cushioned dining chairs that are really comfortable but too common, give yourself a break. Aside from this, a leather dining chair will be more practical especially if you have kids at home. There is no need to worry anymore about spilled food or drinks because you can easily clean it up.

Old chairs

Old chairs can be considered as antiques… or not. This is because antiques are furniture or objects that have lasted for a century or more, only then will an object or furniture be considered as an antique. If you have a chair that’s been in your home or office for a couple of years now but still not hitting the “century mark”, then it’s just a plain old chair.

Old chairs – Astonishing!

There are plenty of old chairs being sold in the market today. Most of these chairs are antiques. Who would want to buy an old chair, anyway? Unless it is an antique and has a value that continuously grows. These chairs deliver a nostalgic feel in a room, whether in your home or in your office. The nice thing about these chairs is the value and its rarity. Imagine sitting on a chair that has been standing for a century or more? Isn’t is amazing and just one of things that can blow your mind.

Old chairs – A lot of styles to choose from

Aside from this, there are various styles of old chairs for you to choose from. For example, there is the Victorian style antique chairs that will look great in your waiting area. Such chairs speak historic times and have heard and seen the whispers and the events that took place centuries ago. Also, Victorian style chairs are often seen in the waiting rooms of lawyers or psychiatrists and might have been re-upholstered over the years but its sturdy construction and careful selection of the fabrics can make it last for a very long time and still manage to hold its value.

These old chairs are really special. Prepare yourself to spend a couple of dollars for a piece of an old chair, depending on its style, history, and rarity which determines its value. The good news is that if you’re on a budget and want to buy a couple of old chairs as a set, you can find some chairs being sold in sets of two or four in some antique stores. You can also find sets online. It will be much better if you take your time to have a browse on the selection of old chairs being sold so you can have a better chance to buy something that you really want.

Antique chairs for sale – A guide for first time buyers

There are plenty of antique chairs for sale in the market these days and most of these can be found through antique stores, auctions and antique auctions online. These antique chairs for sale will be a great addition to your home and will also add value to your home. These antique chairs can be used anywhere in the home, whether in the living room, kitchen, dining room and even in bedrooms.

These antique chairs for sale have withstand time and have been around for over many years which makes it very valuable. However, for first-time buyers, they still have to gain knowledge on what to look for when it comes to antique chairs for sale.

Shopping for antique chairs for sale

When you are shopping for antique chairs for sale in the market, you have to make sure that the money you will pay will be worth it since you will be spending a lot. Honestly, for first-time buyers, buying antique chairs may be tricky between trying to find the right style for your personal taste, sorting out the ones that are in good condition and then getting an affordable price. All these things can really be intimidating for first-time buyers.

Antique chairs for sale – things to consider to find the best one

The first thing one must consider if the type of wood antique chairs for sale are made of. The most durable wood has the better chance that the seat is in good condition. However, this can be the reason for its high price.

Familiarize yourself with the common types of wood these antique chairs for sale are usually made of such as : pine, oak, cherry, mahogany, cedar, acacia, blackwood, beech, teak, chestnut, ebony, elm, hickory, ironwood, maple, rosewood and bamboo.

There are numerous types of wood to consider for antique chairs for sale and each of this is unique in its own way. You may notice that some antique chairs are harder than others but you can’t always use their classification of hardwood or softwood in order to determine its actual hardness.

If you are on a tight budget, there are cheap antique chairs for sale. These are easy to find as you can find these from old furniture store to online stores. However, the problem with these cheap antique chairs for sale is its current condition as some of these may not be in good condition anymore. The good news is, there are ways to rejuvenate these cheap antique chairs to make it look similar to its original appearance like the expensive ones. There is a downside as well because this may be costly on what repairs are needed to restore the antique chair.

All about antique chair styles

There are different antique chair styles that you can choose from. In fact, antique collectors take pleasure from this wide selection of antique chairs. This leaves them with a lot of choices.

Understanding Antique chair styles

There are Victorian antique chair styles that will speak of historic times. This will evoke a feeling of elegance and timeless beauty. You may often find such antique chair style in waiting rooms and these chairs are usually re-upholstered over the years but the sturdy construction and careful selection of the fabrics can make it last for a very long time and still hold its value. These Victorian antique chair styles have rounding seats are curved waist-like backs that reflects the clothing stiles during the Victorian era. The Victorian era started during the reign of Queen Elizabeth and such chairs can bring us back into the peaceful time in the British Empire.

There are also Australian antique chairs that followed European designs very closely and its major distinguishing factor is its local cedar timber which isn’t hard or as tight grained as the mahogany that is used in England.

Identifying antique chair styles

As said above, there are plenty of antique chair styles in the market these days. That is why it is also important that you know how to identify an antique chair style. You must pay attention to the details and craftmanship of a particular chair as this is the hallmark of antique chairs which makes these chairs desirable.

The first thing that you have to pay attention to to identify antique chair styles if the arms and legs of the arms. A chair with cabriole legs with scallop-cut mount is likely an antique chair in the Queen Anne style. This style was known in the early 18th century. The next thing that you have to do is to compare the shape and size of the chair. If it’s a smaller chair, it may be the Regency style which started in 19th century.

You may also need to look at the chair to see if the arms are attached or not. If the arms are not attached, it is possible that it is the Rococo style which is made of mahogany. Lastly, you have to feel the weight of the chair.

Visiting your local antique stores, participating on auctions and visiting antique auctions online will do the trick. You will definitely find a wide selection of antique chair styles in these places. On the other hand, it is always important that you know the history and the current condition of the particular chair or chairs that you wish to purchase. This is very important because you will be getting an item worth a hundred years and is very valuable which will definitely cost you a lot of money.

All about bentwood chairs

Bentwood chairs – explained

What are Bentwood chairs? This a type of furniture that is made by bending wooden rods into the required shape after they have been heated with steam. Michael Thonet is the famous Austrian cabinetmaker who experiemented with designs that are based on birch rods that are bent into curvilinear shapes. His bentwood chairs are among the most successful examples of the early mass-produced furniture.

Bentwood chairs are known to be light, comfortable and inexpensive, it is also known as strong and graceful and because of this, these chairs were widely used in clubs, hotels, shops and restaurants. The early bentwood chairs were stained black or dark brown and seats were commonly made of cane or plywood and were the only portions not made by the bentwood method. The Thonet rocking chair is one of the most aesthetically pleasing example of bentwood chairs.

Variety of bentwood chairs

There are a number of designs and shapes from which you could choose. You will find that each design is unique and stylish. There are scroll accents, open heart shape or simply heart shape, v shape or inverted v shape. Also, the curved spoon back should not be forgotten.

Bentwood chairs are often made out of oak wood. This is the best wood as it gives an antique look. Oak wood is also known for its great preservation and aging. Aside from this, oak wood also gives the chair or bentwood chair its antique value making it more valuable as time goes by. Walnut and mahogany are also used in the making of bentwood chairs and these are more valuable than oak wood. You will also find bentwood chairs made out of ash, birch, beech etc.

The cost of bentwood chairs depends on the value, age and history behind it. You should also consider its current condition. Old chairs will show some damage or aging but this can be repaired. There are many sellers of bentwood chairs in the market today. You can start searching online for antique stores and other furniture stores in your area that sells these chairs.

The beauty of bedroom chairs

Bedroom chairs are very essential but most people don’t find it essential in their bedrooms. This is because bedroom chairs have been associated with the more extravagant outfits such as hotels and high-class dwellings.

Bedroom chairs can be very multi-fucntional. It can be used as conventional chairs or it can also be used as a chair for your dressing table when you are applying your make-up. Bedroom chairs are also ideal for reclining when friends or family visit. It is a convenient and a comfortable place for people to sit when it is not appropriate for them to sit on the bed. You will find that bedroom chairs nowadays are very fashionable, stylish and convenient.

Having bedroom chairs is wonderful. You don’t have to lie in your bed all day. In fact, do you want to plop down your bed after a long day? Of course, you would want to but if you still got some reading to do or you want to watch TV, then a comfortable bedroom chair will help a lot. It can serve as your relaxation center for reclining, sleeping or reading a book.

Popular bedroom chairs

The most popular among the bedroom chairs if the lazy boy chair. It is very elegant and stylish and it comes in a wide range of styles, colors and material. This is perfect for any bedroom. It comes in the color white, silver and black. There are also many versions of this. Some comes with a for rest and some people have gone a step further and installed foot massagers as extra enhancements.

There is also the beanbag which is included in the selection of bedroom chairs. It gained popularity all because of its comfortable nature. This is very comfortable and at the same time, it gives off a touch of class. Others find it cheap-looking and uncomfortable but clearly, it is not. There are some beanbags that cost hundreds of dollars and are very comfortable.

Finding bedroom chairs isn’t difficult as there all furniture stores offer them. You just have to find something that will give you maximum comfort, beauty and budget-friendly.