Authentic Or Antique Furniture Reproductions?

These days, an antique furniture can cost you an arm and leg which the more reason why people settle for antique furniture reproductions instead. People who buy antique furniture reproductions do not care too much about the value and investment but only loves the look of antique furniture. Also, people settle for the antique furniture reproductions because antique furniture prices have gone up and made it not so affordable to a lot of people.

Antique furniture reproductions – For people who are tight on budget

It is a good thing that manufacturers have found a way to make people who cannot afford real antique furniture still enjoy the charm that antique furniture can bring by making antique furniture reproductions. However, there is also a flaw in this place, or a downside. Some people who wants to earn money fools people that what they’re selling are genuine antique furniture but the truth is, it is only a reproduction of the real thing. That is why consumers always have to know how to distinguish genuine antique furniture from a reproduction. There is always an appraiser that you can hire if you don’t know how to distinguish antique items or you just want to be 100 percent sure that you’re buying the real thing.

Distinguishing authentic antique furniture from antique furniture reproductions

You might be itching to know how to distinguish genuine antique furniture from antique furniture reproductions. That will all be explained here. Keep in mind that there are a number of features that you can look at to help you determine its autheticitu. For wooden antique furniture, the best want to find out if it’s authentic or not is took at the type of wood that was used. Antique wooden items are not made of just one type of wood and usually the joints and the bottoms of the drawers are made from another type of wood. For upholstery stuffing, the stuffing must show that horsehair or hay were used to make the stuffing.

Also, the antique furniture should show signs of wear. Antique furniture reproductions cannot achieve signs of wear easily and most of these antique furniture reproductions look brand new. Authentic antique furniture may even show shrinkage and for marble, you will need to look at the back and make sure that the cut line at the back is jagged.

Distinguishing antique furniture from antique furniture reproductions may not be too easy especially if you are not very familiar with antique objects. Looking at various aspects of the furniture like that way it was made and the signs of wear and age are the things that will help you determine if it’s authentic or not. However, if you don’t want to go through such tedious task, an appraiser would help a lot.

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