Grommet Drapes

Interior design is constantly changing with the introduction of new materials in the design market. The release of grommets appear to be the trend in new office and home designs. Most offices and homes use these drapes to create a modern look and breezy feel while still maintaining functionality. The stylish designs of the drapes are ideal in casual rooms for daily setting. Here are the reasons why grommet drapes are so popular.

Unlike the usual drapes, they are easy to open and close. Drapes with grommets come in metal rings surrounding a hole to reinforce the fabric.

The functional design makes movement through the curtain rod smooth. You can freely move the drapes without worrying about entangling grommets.

Easy to Attach
When you use grommets in your curtains, the metal rings are very easy to attach. You can manually attach them to the cloth material or use a special tool kit. With manual attachment, all you need is your innate skill and you get the grommet drapes to decorate your home or office. If you do not have the skill, then you can purchase the grommet tool kit in hardware or craft stores near you. Using the tool kit, you can make them with absolute ease.

Natural Folds
Because of the grommet, your windows have the natural folds and flow that only grommets can give. With the traditional drapes, you need to decorate and manage the folds as well as the flow of the drapes. In the stylish grommet drapes, your material follows a natural flow and folds under a fixed curtain rod. For better look, make sure you match them with elegant rods to highlight the beauty of the material.

Variety of Materials for Grommet Drapes

Grommet top drapes can accommodate any material. Be it cotton, polyester or even wool. However, the best material and the top seller is the silk. The silk gives a more natural flow of the material and it looks chic. With the grommet drapes, you can turn a casual room to a hotel type room in an instant.

Grommet Size
When you purchase grommets, make sure you check for the size of your rod to match it. Most grommets come in average sizes but there are also smaller or larger varieties. To get the best look for your room, choose the right size of grommet for your grommet drapes.

Easy Cleaning
Because they are mostly made from washable materials, get the material suited for your washing requirements. You can get materials suitable for dry cleaning and for wet cleaning.

These drapes with grommets add fashion to your rooms. However, the stylish material does not have to be very expensive. If you are on a tight budget, you can just buy the grommet and create the material on your own. Otherwise, the price of the drapes ranges form $20 to $50 depending on the materials used and the design.

Interior decoration has been revolutionized. With the stylish and functional designs, it is no doubt that homemakers and office designers are going crazy about them.

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