Sony MDR-J10 Review

Sony MDR-J10 are one of the best headphones in the market today and carried by the brand Sony, this is surely made from high-quality. We all need good running headphones; this can make our running more enjoyable especially if we’re running alone in the park or in the gym, on the treadmill.

Sony MDR-J10 Headphones available on Amazon for just $8.88. Click on the pic for more details.

The Sony MDR-J10 has a non-slip design that is perfect for activities like running. The 13.5mm diameter driver is for small-size and high-quality deep bass. Its cord is tangle free, perfect for runners, dancers or those who love to exercise. The cord is also adjustable which is very convenient. It also has Neodymium magnets that provides minimal size but with maximum energy. The headphones are open-air and can be clipped to the ear vertically.

These headphones are available on Amazon $8.88 through this link right here.

Consistency and clear procreation are the qualities of the headphones. With the open-air feature, this will allow the user to hear ambient sounds. Another good thing about the Sony MDR-J10 that it comes in different colours! You can choose from a wide selection and it’s very cute not to be wearing the usual black or white headphones. The clips in the headphones are perfect because it will stay on your ears while running or dancing or doing activities that makes your whole body function. The only con in the product is the cord is not that long, however, these are for people who prefer long cords but personally I think the cord is just fine.

Check out to view the Sony MDR-j10. There have been a lot of good reviews regarding the product, and so far these reviews are good. You could also read feedbacks from the customers by clicking the link posted above. If you love running, going to the gym or just plain exercising with music on, these headphones will best fit you iPod or MP3 players and will definitely give you good quality sounds. These headphones are perfect for those kinds of activities because those activities require body movement, the headphones will definite not slip because of its clip-on design.

So for those days that you want to be fit and head to the park or to the gym, ready your iPods or MP3 players with Sony Mdr-j10 headphones that will definitely tune out the world outside and it’s just you, your music on and your body working and getting fit. Just don’t be too caught up with the music that you will not notice that car approaching.

These headphones are available on Amazon $8.88 through this link right here.

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  1. straty

    Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680 Headphones have a few issues in that they can move away from ear cavity not allowing you to fully hear all the music fully and when sweating normally towards the end of a 3 mile run my sweat fills the ear holes in the speaker making it inaudible


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