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The best Jeep stroller accessories

Jeep stroller accessories are purchased separately and give added protection and convenience. There are many accessories that you can buy for your Jeep stroller. If you’re wondering what these accessories are, then you have come to the right page.

These are some of the best Jeep stroller accessories:

  • Netting – this is a type of net that can be covered over the stroller to protect your child from mosquitoes. This varies in sizes to accommodate double strollers as well.

This jeep stroller netting protects your baby from mosquitos and other insects. Available on Amazon for $4.49. Click on pic for more details.



  • Weather Shield – this is also attached over the stroller to protect your child from weather conditions like snow, rain, wind and cold.

This Jeep Travel System Weather Shield accommodates most travel system stroller makes and models. It helps to protect the child form rain, snow, wind and cold weather. It comes with convenient essentials pocket. Available on Amazon for $11.90. Click on pic for more details.



  • Cup holder – most Jeep strollers come with only one cup holders while some of their strollers usually the umbrella types do not come with cup holders. You can easily get a Universal cup holder that will fit every Jeep stroller.
  • 3-in-1 Stroller organizer & Waist Pack – this organizer can be attached to the stroller and it provides 2 more bottle holders and extra pockets to accommodate your baby’s essentials and even your items as well. This usually includes a wipe case.
  • Clip-on Parasol – this will provide shade for your little tot outdoors. Parasols and umbrellas are not very popular anymore because the little protection that they actually offer. We highly recommend a ray shade which will provide more shade than any other stroller canopy or parasol. These sun shades are usually made of a specially woven fabric that provides UPF +50 (the highest sun protection rating possible).

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This Rayshade from Kiddopotamus provides more shade area than any other stroller canopy or parasol. The special fabric provides a UPF of +50. Available on Amazon for $15.69. Click on pic for more details.

  • Stroller hooks – this can be attached in the stroller’s handlebars and you can hook your shopping bags and even bags conveniently with the help of these hooks.

    The Jeep Universal Stroller Hooks are great when you need an extra pair of hands. The adjustable straps accommodates all stroller makes and models. Hooks can be installed Horizontally or Vertically to work with any type of stroller handles. Available on Amazon for $5.99 (pack of 2). Click on pic for more details.

  • Mesh stroller bag – keep your stuff in one place with this mesh bag especially if the stroller does not come with storage.

These are some of the accessories that can be purchased for your Jeep stroller. Accessories like these are very useful and helpful and will provide your child excellent protection. You can check out these accessories through the Internet and Amazon.com, however, you may also check local baby stores for this kind of accessories.

Jeep stroller accessories will make your child’s stroller be more comfortable and convenient. Stop lugging those shopping bags around while pushing the stroller; get some of those hooks or those bags that can be attached to the stroller. If your baby needs multiple cups for a day, have it organized in an organizer or cup holders. Also, if you will likely go to parks, it is best that you get your child the netting especially during the late afternoon because mosquitoes are active by this time and parks are surrounded by trees and bushes, so protect your child from getting bitten by mosquitoes that can sometimes be a carrier or deadly diseases.

Jeep stroller accessories give you more options for convenience and more protection and security as well. These accessories are life savers. So if you’re usually an active mom and you bring your baby most of the time with you to public places, these Jeep stroller accessories will be perfect for you and will give you a more convenient time with your baby in the stroller. Amazon.com or other baby stores that offer baby equipment. Make sure that you check out Jeep Strollers by Kolcraft because their features are the best and you don’t want to miss the chance of getting the best stroller that will fit every need that you have. Kolcraft Jeep Strollers will help you get the best baby stroller experience.

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