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OnGuard Bike Locks reviewed

OnGuard Bike locks is another manufacturer for bike locks in the market today. Since there are a lot of bike users out there, a bike lock is a-must have. This is to ensure security that their bikes won’t get stolen by thieves. There have been a lot of issues of bikes being stolen that is why more durable locks are being manufactured and distributed to different parts of the world.

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What is best about the OnGuard Bike locks? There are a lot of mechanisms used by the specific brand. These mechanisms will provide maximum security to your bikes.

  • Dual Lockdown Deadbolt locking mechanism – this mechanism provided high-pull resistance
  • Quatro bolt locking mechanism – provided unequalled strength by locking the cross bar to the shackle on four sides
  • Steel ball click combo – offers high security with superior protection from pick and pull attacks

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These are some of the locking mechanisms being used by OnGuard and obviously this will give you the security that you seek especially if you live or frequent high crime areas. They have different products to offer like:

  • U-locks
  • Chain locks
  • Armoured cable locks
  • Coil Cable locks
  • Cable locks
  • Small cable locks
  • Disc locks
  • Link plate locks
  • Padlocks

You can choose from these products that you think will best suit your bike and will give you comfort and convenience as well. You don’t have to worry about the security it can give you because it surely will. They have different bike locks so as to cater to every individual’s needs because not everyone has the same “need”. Their locks are also categorized for bicycles, lifestyle, winter and power sport. Their locks also have different security level and anti-theft offer to give their customers the peace of mind. You can also0 have your keys registered but this is only for US residents only.

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Bike locks from OnGuard have proven that their products can be trusted and will give maximum security to all the people out there who have purchased their bike lock. Also, you should also park your bicycles in well-lit areas so it will be difficult for it to get stolen. You also need to find a good spot. Bikes don’t come cheap so it is best to take good care of your bike. It is the most cost-effective transportation now since it does not require gas. So take good care of it and provide it with a good bike lock, this is not only for your bike but for yourself as well. You might want to check OnGuard products through the Internet to gather more information on the specific products they offer and you can also check your local bicycle or hardware stores.

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