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Weleda Arnica review

Weleda arnica is another brand that used the arnica plant to create medicinal herbs. Weleda assures the people that they use natural ingredients for their plant tinctures. This made Weleda the first choice of hospitals, clinics, doctors, pharmacists, herbalists and homeopaths. They also produce 200 over the counter natural medicines that can be found in independent health stores and pharmacies.

Weleda Arnica is grown in the Scottish black Isles where the cold dry air encourages the growth of Arnica plants. Weleda harvest these Arnica tinctures by the end of June and transported in the cool early hours of the morning to be processed while the plant are fresh and full of vitality.

Weleda Arnica products are available on Amazon through this link right here.

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Key properties of Weleda Arnica:

  • Soothes inflammation
  • Dilates the blood vessels
  • Healing of damaged tissues
  • Speeds up repair mechanism
  • A great sport remedy
  • Best for muscular pain

Here are Weleda products that contain Arnica:

  • Arnica 6x tablets – for accidents
  • Arnica lotion – to help relieve sprains
  • Arnica ointment – relief for bruises
  • Arnica 6c tablets
  • Arnica 30c tablets
  • Combudoron lotion – for minor burns and stinging rashes
  • Combudoron ointment – for stings, bites and minor burns
  • Combudoron spray – for insect bites
  • Massage balm with Arnica – for muscular pains, backache and stiffness
  • Rheumadoron 102A Drops (P) – for muscular rheumatic pain
  • Rheumadoron Ointment (P) – relief of muscular rheumatic pain
  • Skin tone lotion – for aching legs and to help revitalize the limbs

There are a lot of Weleda Arnica products to choose from, as listed above, these products will surely help you from whatever you are feeling, from muscular pains to insect bites, everything is here. It also comes in a very affordable price. Weleda are very keen on their Arnica and the Arnica plants are well taken care of and went through a detailed process to assure high-quality products for customers who use Weleda Arnica for their muscle pains and other pains.

The medicines with the symbol (P) are only available on Pharmacies and cannot be purchased online since this will need prescriptions from a doctor or a specialist. The use of Weleda Arnica is very popular among families especially during emergencies. The use of the Welede Arnica has a fast healing process and quick recovery that will definitely ease the person’s aches and pains in an instant. The massage balm is perfect for therapeutic action that can be applied to the skin and rubbing the oil in the skin can warm the skin and gently assist the healing process. Weleda Arnica also has arnica medicines that can be taken orally. Weleda Arnica can usually be found in the family’s first aid kid especially the tablets, drops, pillules or granules because these can accommodate a wide range of ailments with just a little pop of a tablet in your mouth.

Weleda Arnica products are available on Amazon through this link right here.