The Best Serrated Knife Sharpener

A serrated knife sharpener will help you sharpen your serrated knives at home. Serrated knives have a different sharpener unlike other normal knives. Sharpening a serrated knife is very different compared to normal knives.

When using a serrated knife sharpener, each serration in the blade should be sharpened individually. Since a serrated knife is like a saw, it can still cut even when it’s dull. There are a lot of serrated knife sharpeners in the market today. Serrated knives are preferred by many because of its sharpness and it can cut through hard surfaces which normal knives can’t do. When you have serrated knives in your kitchen, you should of course have a serrated knife sharpener. Though serrated knives don’t need frequent sharpening, it’s still best to have it ready in your own kitchen.

So you have a serrated knife sharpener and it’s time to sharpen those serrated knives, how will you do it?

  • The diameter in the cone of the serrated knife sharpener should be matched to the size of the serration in the knife.
  • Do a short and light, back and forth strokes to sharpen the oblique edge or each serration. The sharpener should be perpendicular to the oblique edge. When the strokes are done, feel for a burr in the backside of the knife. Once this is felt, move on the next serration.
  • When all the serrations are done it is time to flip the knife over and grind the burr off with a smooth flat stroke. Do these very lightly.

That is how easy to sharpen serrated knives especially if you have a good serrated knife sharpener. Be careful when handling the knife and the sharpener because you might hurt yourself. You don’t have to do this more frequently because serrated knives don’t get dull easily unlike other knives.

The serrated knife sharpener is also pointed so it is best to have this hidden in drawers where children can’t reach and find it. This is very dangerous and should be well-kept. When sharpening your serrated knives, it is best that there is no possibility for you to get distracted because if you sharpened a serrated knife somewhere with children, this can lead to injury not only to you but for the children as well.

Serrated knife sharpeners are very affordable and are widely-sold in the kitchenware department today. Maybe you could check your local warehouse of Supermarket and get yourself a serrated knife sharpener for your serrated knives.

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