Aquatic Turtles tips and tricks

Are you thinking of keeping some aquatic turtles? Do you know how to take care of them? Do you have any ideas what supplies they need in order to survive for a long period of time? If not then this article will help you out.

Aquatic turtles are one of the easiest kinds of turtles that do not require much attention. But to give you more details about them, you’d better read all the important things below in order to keep your aquatic turtles strong and healthy for a long time.

Is taking care of aquatic turtle time consuming or not?

Aquatic turtles are ideal for people who want to have pets but do not have much time to take care of them. These amphibians do not actually need your attention every day so you can still attend your daily activities without the worries and fears that your pet turtles might get hurt or something.

How much is it?

The aquatic turtle is not that costly but the tank and its other supplies might cost you over a hundred dollars. Still, this is the only initial cost you need to set up the tank or habitat. The monthly maintenance is no longer that expensive as it may only require you to spend 50 dollars every month. Not much of a cost, right?

If you decided to keep aquatic turtles then you’d better get larger tank so you won’t have to replace it once your turtle grows. This will help you save a lot in replacing tanks in the future.


Taking care of aquatic turtles does not actually need a lot of attention but these changes when it comes to cleaning time. Sometimes cleaning the tank or the enclosure can be overwhelming. These turtles may not mess up your place but their aquariums or enclosure will surely get dirty and messy. If you do not want to clean the tank every day then you’d better get good and high quality water filter.

Now to completely clean the tank you need to remove all the decors, pump, filter, basking platforms and other stuff you put in your aquarium or enclosure. Make sure that you clean these stuff separately before you place it all back into the aquarium or enclosure.

Should I get a wild aquatic turtle or not?

It is always advisable not to pet wild aquatic turtles as they can be very hard and tricky to take care of. Plus the fact that wild turtles are better off on their habitat.

What I should feed them?

Aquatic turtles need some leafy veggies and some small fishes in order to survive. You also need to give them some calcium supplements to make them strong and healthy.

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