GE Water Softener

GE water softener is considered to be one of the best water softeners available today. More and more people are purchasing a water softener because they want to experience soft water! You can experience this with the GE water softener. GE has a lot of water softener models that consumers can look at. So, why should you pick a GE water softener?

ge water softener

First of all, GE water softener is very easy to use! We all know that not everyone can install a water softener on their own and the best thing about GE’s water softener is that the unit comes with a simple-to-use installation kit. This means that you can easily install the system on your own, you just have to follow the instructions.

Next, the GE water softener comes with a “days-to-empty”feature. This display and status light flash when there is less than 15 days’ worth of salt remaining in the tank. It signals its time to refill the salt. Very convenient! Aside from this, their water softener are easy to maintain. You can quickly refill the salt by pouring it into the salt storage opening. The large tank reduces refills. It uses up to 60% less salt than conventional softener.

A GE water softener is also easier on your water heater. Soft water results in less hard water scale buildup in water heaters and up to 25% less energy consumption. Aside form this wonderful things, GE water softeners include GE SmartSoft technology to learn your family’s water usage patterns so you will always have soft water when you need it. A bypass valve allows you to use non-softened water to wash cars or water lawns. This technology applied in a GE water softener can also help consumers save on salt, water and energy.

It looks like the GE water softener is the best water softener system out there. Even though there are a lot of water softeners out there, many people prefer GE also because of its reputation. To also help you when it comes to choosing the best water softener, there are water softener reviews that you can read online which will really be helpful and useful.

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