Using an HDMI splitter

Do you have an HD TV? If you do, then you might have noticed that it only has one HDMI input. That is why you need an HDMI splitter so you can see what is playing on the other source such as on your DVD player or if you have multiple divisions at home. This will allow you to plug in two devices with just the use of one HDMI input. Through this, you don’t have to undergo the hassle of unplugging cables.


For people who are new to this, how you use an HDMI splitter? Here are the simple steps to help you:


  • Before you connect your HDMI splitter, make sure that both devices that you wish to connect are turned off.
  • Plug the HDMI splitter to the HDMI port found at the back or side of your TV. By plugging it in, it is now considered to be the destination device.
  • It’s time that you plug in any HDMI devices into an HDMI port on the HDMI splitter. This will be the source device. Keep in mind that you can only plug in two sources into an HDMI splitter.
  • Turn your TV on and turn on the source device. Scroll through your TV inputs until you find the HDMI input that corresponds with where you connected the splitter.
  • There is a button on the splitter box or on the remote control that will allow you to switch between the sources connected to the HDMI splitter, press that button.
  • Turn of the device when you plug the HDMI splitter, this would be the source device.
  • Plug the splitter into an available HDMI input on the device you wish to use as the source device.
  • Plug one HDMI cable to an input on the splitter for each destination device. Plug the cables into an available HDMI input on both devices you would like to display the audio and video feed from the source on.
  • Turn your source device and destination device.
  • Scroll through the inputs on the destination device until you find the input that corresponds where you plugged the cable.


There you have it, it’s pretty easy to follow!


If you’re looking for an HDMI splitter, there is plenty of this that you will find online. You also might want to check at your local electronics store fro more guarantee that you’re getting a good splitter that will work both on the devices you wish to be connected.

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